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Nettles for health and beauty

Nettle - a perennial herb, densely planted with stinging hairs, the leaves and stems.Many species of nettle are protected against herbivores by means of burning hair.Every hair - a large cage, like a medical vial.At the tip of the ampoule contains a silicon salt, and even in low exposure to the tip breaks, as it is very fragile, and the sharp tip pierces the skin and all the salt gets into the body of the living.This vial contains as histamine, formic acid and choline, which give a sense of a sharp burning in the place, which touched a person or animal.These burns are absolutely harmless, although there are some species of nettles, burns, which can lead to death.

Nettle - the plant is dioecious, that is, on the same plant are only stamens, and the other only pistillate flowers.Flowers in axillary spikelets branched inflorescences long.The flowers are small and green.Flowering nettle begins in late May and continues almost all summer.Fruit - nut, ovoid or elliptical, yellowish-gray.Nettle is divided int

o forty-forty-five species.As for the distribution of nettle - it grows wherever it can, and it grows everywhere until the asphalt.It grows near houses and roads, forests, rivers and ravines.It grows large thickets.

When I was little, and Grandma was young, we had always crumbled nettles, then rubbed in heavy gloves to hairs is not injected, and only after all the nettles gave little chickens and geese.Grandma said that from a nettle chickens and geese will lay eggs more often, and milk from cows would be tastier.Grandma just cooked nettle soup, the soup turns out very tasty, especially with sour cream.So, nettle is very useful in applying popularly as food as well as in cattle feed, nettles also used in medicine.Nettle is used for cooking various dishes, especially cakes with nettles, which my grandma used to bake.Now she did such masterpieces rarely indulges.Here is the recipe salad, which she did often spoiled.To make this salad you need to take a well-washed young nettle leaves and chop them, then add to the green onions, parsley and dill - all this stir, season with vegetable oil or sour cream.Salt and pepper - to taste.

young nettle leaves are used for the preparation of decoctions and infusions, increase immunity to a stop internal bleeding, and young inflorescences brewed tea, and dried for the winter.Nettle extract helps with hair loss.The juice of fresh nettle rubbed into the scalp for faster hair growth and against hair loss.With the same success you can use an infusion of nettle, it needs to make three tablespoons in a cup of boiling water, and thirty minutes strain, then rinse hair after each washing.

Nettles can compete on an equal footing with such plants as linen or cotton.In China, the nettle "Rami" equal in quality silk.This plant is most often used for the production of chlorophyll, which is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in perfumery.Nettle is widely used in folk medicine.Due to the content in the nettles of vitamins C, K, B2 increases immunity.The nettle also contains carotene, chlorophyll, iron salt, potassium, calcium, sulfur, sugar and proteins, and a number of useful substances.

Broth nettle increases blood clotting, increases the hemoglobin, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, acts as a diuretic.Nettle acts as a laxative, a vitamin, an expectorant, helps with constipation, asthma, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and various allergies.

For best performance of the cardiovascular system nettle broth drink with honey or sugar.Five tablespoons chopped nettle pour half a liter of water, boil on low heat and drink half a cup four times a day, putting sugar or honey to taste.

Vomiting need to drink a decoction of the roots of nettles.One teaspoon of dried root cook for five minutes in a glass of milk.A quarter cup to drink immediately hot, and then every two hours is recommended to drink two tablespoon until recovery.

If uterine activity also helps decoction of nettle broth drink three or four times a day ostuzhennoy form.For those who have little breast milk during breast diluted juice of fresh nettles, brought to boil in a ostuzhennoy, drink three times a day, two teaspoons.

Despite all the useful properties of nettles, it has contraindications.Nettles in any form is forbidden to use during pregnancy, as nettle can cause premature labor.

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