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Hops against hair loss

hop itself is a useful medicinal plant, but it does not mean that the beer - a useful drink.Hops common perennial herb of the family Konopleva.It looks like a curly climber.The plant grows in Eurasia and North America, also found in Morocco, but where there is a plant known.Hops growing in ravines, on the banks of rivers, in damp forests and thickets.

This plant has both male and female inflorescences.Male inflorescences small, green, turning into curls.Women's pineal same inflorescence.Hops flowers in July and August.The fruit is a nut with a coiled embryo, which ripens in August and September.

respect to the chemical composition of hops in the hops fruits contain essential oils to 3%, hop resin, wax, bitter substances from 16 to 26%, valeric acid, which is used for sedation, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, coloring agents,whereby the hop cones used for dyeing fabrics in green, brown and red.Also included in the hop formic, acetic, butyric acid.

concentration of phenol in the hop cones determines the

value in brewing.Hops also used in baking (for the preparation of yeast).Young shoots in spring hops contain vitamin C, and thus the hops are consumed vegetable dishes like asparagus.

Hops is also very widely used in medicine.The essential oil of hops contained in medicines "Valocordin", which is used in cardiovascular diseases, intestinal cramps.Due to the fact that the hop cones contain valeric acid, hops contained in the composition of soothing teas, broth which is used for insomnia, depression and cystitis.

scientists have identified from the cones of substances that have antibacterial properties and are used in the production of cosmetics, and is the basis of many medicinal creams for acne, dandruff, for the treatment of dermatitis.

In folk medicine, hops cones used in diseases of the spleen, liver and gall bladder, gastritis, and pulmonary tuberculosis, cystitis, metabolic disorders, with increased sexual arousal;roots - migraine, jaundice.

hops was used as an analgesic for sciatica, bruises, aromatic baths, ulcers, herpes and eczema;decoction of hops wash head dandruff and hair tonic with early hair loss.Just hop used in the edema, to improve digestion and as an anti-inflammatory.Hops are also contained in the composition of drugs prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder.Hops helps with painful menstruation.Long stalks used to make durable fibers for weaving bags and ropes.

Since hops is a poisonous plant, applying inward it should be carefully dosed.There are many cases of poisoning hops.When poisoning with a feeling of nausea, vomiting, pain in the heart and shortness of breath, as well as causing severe headaches.

As already mentioned above, hops are widely used in folk medicine.From the infusion of hops done for making the inside: 2 teaspoons crushed cones pour a glass of boiled water, 20-30 minutes, and take in three steps - this is the daily dose for an adult human, the neuroses of the heart, cystitis.

To produce ointments from bruises and abrasions, with rheumatic pains powder 1 tablespoon of hop cones mix with 1 tablespoon of unsalted lard or fresh butter and grind troubled parts of the body.

cones Infusion rubbed into the hair roots with hair loss and dandruff, also used hops against hair loss, for the prevention of strengthening and growth of hair, wiped his face and chest area for the prevention of wrinkles and acne.Recommended to wash hair infusion of hops 2 times per week, the course of treatment - 10 procedures.Inflammation and dry skin can be treated hop baths 100 grams of dried buds insist 2 liters of water and strain into the prepared bath.Take a bath 30 minutes.Hop bath stimulates formation of new cells, increases immunity to infections of the skin, the skin recovers and becomes smooth.

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