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How quickly to cheer yourself up?

1. Make a foot massage. The feet have a great number of points, which are directly linked to the important centers of the brain.It is good to rub your toes, then massage the space between them.This procedure will bring you harmony and peace.

2. Drink warm milk or mint tea. Mint is a great energizer.Just a cup of warm milk will cheer up even on a bad day.The warmed milk contains amino acids, which are converted to tryptophan, it raises the level of happiness hormone in the brain.

3. Go outside. Scientists have shown that the human psyche positively affect outdoor exercise, they stimulate the heart, improve the health and raise the spirits.

4. eaten something delicious. nervous system positively affect products which contain 'hormone optimism ": chocolate, cocoa, oatmeal, peanuts.Hazelnuts, walnuts, pineapple, bananas, strawberries.

5. Let's comedy. better if it's a good old movie with harmless humor and obvious plot.Do not get involved in romantic comedies such bad movies can affect personal rel


6. Let's go to the bath and take a bath with aromatic oils. Among the flavors that you select, it is lavender, vanilla, citrus.

7. night's sleep. often bad mood is from the fatigue and lack of sleep.

8. Buy a new lipstick. shopping trip, this is one of the most effective ways for women to lighten the mood.For example, the red lipstick.Scientists have shown that if a woman enjoys bright red lipstick, it is 2 times more often smiling.

9. Stay active. body will be in good shape, and then the soul can not become the other.We choose something for everyone - jogging, yoga, dance, swimming pool.

10. Let's go to the hairdresser.As British scientists have found, are considered the sexiest hair thick hair around medium length.

11. change of scenery. It would be good to give himself a little trip.If this is not possible, to go to the edge of the world, you need to walk in the native village or town, and look at it through the eyes of a tourist.

12. Let the husband to caress you. If you do not have the mood for sex, do not deny it caresses.Here, this principle works as a meal, appetite comes already in process.

Our methods of mood elevation cheap, legal and accessible not lead to weight gain, act quickly and they are real.In our list does not include meditation, it certainly is a powerful thing, but impractical for most people at the time of a strong need for antidepressants.

It helps, but it is not suitable in case no one to leave small children.But jogging is not what they want to do the people who are in a state of stress.

effective and simple anti-stress
We have included a list of actions against stress, those classes that are simple and effective.To combat the stress you fit one or two sessions, which are suitable for dealing with stress.They will help to distract from sweets and cheer up, to feel much better.

Antidepressants improve mood under stress, rather than enhance the mood with the help of food.The best antidepressant will be the one that will distract you from the food.

Water Treatments
Water comes first, because it can elevate mood.Swim, go to the sauna or bath, take a shower, bath.Warm water washes over our skin, which is our largest organ.At the same time revealed all the pores and relax the muscles.

We did not bear, and do not need extra fat for the winter, but there are some that are quickly gaining fat.When we have a cold, you want to eat more starch.Not gaining weight for the winter to keep warm, just wearing warm clothes, and if you caught a cold, it is better to wear flannel pajamas, get under a warm blanket and drink slowly sips of warm herbal tea.Heat help improve mood.

Excellent improves mood.If carried out in the sun for 20 minutes a day, it improves mood.Those people who live in areas with a large number of rainy days or living in northern latitudes experiencing depression, they have - lack of sun.And this depression is treated with artificial spectral radiation or treated with prolonged sun exposure.

Massage body with a dry brush
Buy loofah loofah with medium hardness or buy a brush made of natural hair.Massage your body with gentle pumping movements.

Massage should begin with the feet, then massage the torso or legs.Massage your buttocks and stomach.Hands should be massaged starting from the hands and shoulders to finish.If the brush with a long handle, you need to massage the back.And to finish massaging the neck and chest.

you enjoy a massage, it's very invigorating.The body seemed to come alive and younger.This can lighten the mood.Before you take a shower, produces dry strokes, or do so at any time of the day when you will need to relax and energy levels increase.

Dry massage can be used to enhance the mood, it has a healing effect.Dry massage detoxifies the lymphatic system.And after two weeks, you will notice that the roughness was gone and the skin became more smooth.And those who for several years engaged in this, they say that their skin like a baby.

head massage scalp massage to your regular comb, what could be easier than just comb your hair.Combing hair relieves stress, it can be done almost anywhere.The brush can be kept in a drawer in the office or put the brush in her purse.When brushing her hair vigorously comb them for a minute.Scalp will be a little pinch, and you will feel as if you are massaging your brain matter.This will benefit your scalp and hair.Therefore, when you comb your hair, you will not have the desire to eat.

Games and hobbies
Do you have a favorite hobby, a puzzle that you like to guess to relax?This hobby is solving crossword puzzles, crochet, knitting, because you can take time off from food.As well as a computer game, Solitaire may send track your energy.

minutes Half an hour of knitting can give vitality and soothe, and even any needlework.It can also soothe playing musical instruments, writing, art lesson, polishing silver, reading magazines.If you have a piano, pobrenchite the keys, and your sadness will go away.

Sing stress
Listening to music and singing very well affect the state of the brain.Even if you do not know how to sing, the mood still rise, and then the stress will recede, and with it lost the desire to eat.

Keep your favorite CD in the car or at home, and when you will be sad, just turn on the music and sing.Immerse yourself in the music, it will make you happy.

Now we know how quickly to cheer yourself up.Make a list of the favorite activities from stress and stick them on the fridge in the kitchen.When you are sad, please contact one of the sessions, instead of something to eat.This will help.

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