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A quick way to recover from colds

Observe safety measures
1. Dress properly,
since the fall may be significant diurnal temperature fluctuations.Even if the weather is sunny, it is not a reason to be a warm day, it is best to take a jacket.If today the strong wind and the temperature outside is below 12 degrees plus, children should wear a hat, should not be very warm to wear the baby, as the baby sweat, overheated, and this will lead to colds.

Avoid drafts. In the office, in the subway, when there is no draft, the robe is better to remove.

2. We need to eat right. To do this, your diet include a lot of nutrients that are able to provide the body's resistance.Legumes and meat contain proteins, dried fruit and honey contains carbohydrates, according to doctors of sugar should be avoided as sucrose nutrient pathogen colds - Staphylococcus aureus.

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, and radish, garlic and onions contain volatile substances - volatile, which kill germs.The main thing is not to overdo with vitam

ins if you eat fruits and vegetables, then, to use even drugs, get a surplus of useful substances, all of which can lead to allergies.

you are ill:
feet should be warm, wear warm socks.Doctors are advised to make mustard plasters to the feet, or walk in woolen socks rubbed mustard.
2. respiratory diseases, SARS and the common cold, it is a spectrum of diseases, when the bacteria multiply.For example, a cold accompanied by colds in the form of pain in the head and nose, sneezing, nasal congestion.But if the runny nose is not treated, it will be terrible consequences in the form of sinusitis and otitis media ear.

Rhinitis treated, it we treat it properly, different drops, which only temporarily alleviate suffering.When a stuffy nose, watery discharge has all this is a sign that the body is fighting the disease pathogens.From the body together with secretions from the nose removed various disease-causing microbes.If you bury your nose in Santorini, rinonorm, Naphthyzinum, it facilitates breathing, nasal discharge stops, so you suppress the body's defense.And then the process of inflammation goes into the bronchi, trachea, throat.

If you beat a cold, follow the advice of doctors:
Traditional medicine at the first sign of a cold are advised to take 1/3 teaspoon of butter, mix with a pinch of salt, heat over medium heat and coat the outside of the nose.
2. Area maxillary sinuses, this cheek on both sides of the nose.Before going to bed warm 2 hard-boiled eggs, which wrap it in a handkerchief, and warm up your nose.Feet need to hover hot water, water temperature should be 45 degrees, add the mustard, based on a bucket of water, put 20 grams of mustard powder.
3. Massage your fingers active biological terms, that: between the eyebrows over the bridge, in the middle of the eyebrows, at the beginning of the eyebrows and the nose wings.At night you need to wear socks in which you need to fill dry mustard.These socks have to go during the day.
4. nasal lavage, is the best way to deal with a runny nose, flushing its healing warm infusion.To perform this procedure, you will need a syringe without a needle, a small rubber bulb and a thin plastic tube.The head should be tilted slightly forward to an infusion administered without overflowing.Healing infusion administered slowly.Washing alternate with dropping into the nose 5 or 6 drops of the tincture.
5. laxative can also get rid of the first signs of a cold.Colon Cleansing mobilize the body's defenses.At the first sign of a cold to take a laxative - castor oil, tincture harrow, grass Seine, a decoction of the bark of buckthorn.And drink as much as possible, and preferably 1.5 or cranberry juice 2 liters per day.It has anti-inflammatory action.Useful cowberry water, one cup of boiled water to put a teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of berries cranberries.

How quickly cure a cold
can drink plenty of antiprostudnyh funds, but they can only temporarily ease the situation and will work day.

As usual "old wives' recipes will help you out.If you froze "to the bone", we spent a lot of time in the cold, soaking wet, at home you need to type the full basin of water, add the mustard and well steamed up.At the same time you can drink a glass of hot tea with lime or raspberry with honey or hot milk with honey.Colds can not be afraid.

If you are unable to warm up, and you get sick, immediately go to bed.You do not need to carry the disease on their feet, not to cold stretched for a few weeks and get a complication, but rather to take three days at their own expense and fully cure the common cold.Do you need more garlic than vitamins it contains essential oils that destroy bacteria.If you just, can not, eat garlic, then add it in the first and second courses.

next to the bed put scented candles Tui oil or eucalyptus.These essential oils are harmful to pathogens.Runny children can be cured in 3 days.2 or 3 times a day to lubricate the nasal passages cotton flagella, which are wetted with oil arborvitae, then it is possible to lubricate the nose ointment "Bryony".After 3 days of a cold pass, and cold will not go inside.

coughs and runny nose well help inhalation. Boil the potatoes in their skins and breathe over the steam.You can take a few teaspoons of baking soda and dissolve in hot water, breathe on it.You can do with a good inhalation aromatic oils in the hot water you need to drip a few drops of oil.

No one likes to be sick, but the disease is not important who likes them or not.How to quickly cure a cold, here are a few recipes.
At the initial stage of the disease need to hover your feet in hot water, then quickly pour in cold water, put on wool socks and go to bed.You need to drink more drinks, which contain Vitamin C: tea with lemon tea with currants and rose hips, citrus juices.
watery eyes and dripping nose? Take a handful of chamomile brew a cup of boiling water, let the infusion.Add to ½ cup of boiling water and hold your head over the steam.Before going to bed, drink hot milk in which cooked fennel fruit.It can relieve night cough.

with a strong cough rub his back and chest ointments that contain essential oils.Wrapped in a woolen blanket and go to sleep.Herbal teas have a diaphoretic, they can be prepared from the fruit and dried leaves of thyme, chamomile, raspberry.During his illness refrain from smoking and alcohol.

Now we know what a quick way to recover from a cold, knowing these simple and effective recipes, you can recover from a cold.