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Your healthy spine: prevention and treatment of healthy patients

back muscles, arranged symmetrically on either side of the spine, provide flexibility and mobility.And allows us to maintain the correct posture.Consider what it depends on your healthy spine, prevention and treatment of healthy patients.Spine performs its functions, if muscles are working properly.Excessive muscle tension, back pain, while reducing abdominal muscles leads to an incorrect position of the vertebrae.This can cause serious damage to the spine.

Control your weight

every new kilogram of weight that you "nakushivaete" is an additional burden for the spine.Even if excess fat is evenly distributed throughout the body, it is still overloaded vertebrae and intervertebral discs.Leading to premature wear of cartilage, nerves and pinching deformation.Even more dangerous is the situation when the majority of the fat cells accumulate in the abdomen.Abdominal obesity is the most heavily loads the lumbar spine (stomach pulls the spine forward).Obesity usually results in relaxation of the abdominal

muscles.Weak flabby abdominal muscles exacerbate the instability of the skeleton and therefore possible curvature of the spine.Therefore, an effective preventive measure in healthy people back problems and treatment is to control their weight.

Exercises sports

lack of movement also has a negative effect on the spine.Sedentary lifestyle provokes constant voltage vertebrae and intervertebral discs.This means that their tissues absorb less and less nutrients needed for continued recovery.There is a premature wear of the spine.Lack of mobility also weakens the muscles of the abdomen, shoulders and neck.They lose their elasticity.As a result - they are no longer fulfill their role - namely, securely support the spine.

best way to strengthen muscles and keep them in good condition, is a gym.To get the desired result, you need to train every day.Preferably twice a day, morning and evening.In addition, it is worth at least a day to change sports.To exercise different muscle groups.But be careful!Not useful for any movement of the spine.The best sports are: swimming (the most balanced option), fast walking, walking on skis and bicycles.Try to avoid exercise-related jumps.On landing, the shock load on the spine increases several times.Also irrelevant gymnastic feats.Enough simple warm-up exercises.But in any case, especially if you want to intensively engage in any sporting discipline, consult your doctor and trainer at the club.You must be sure that exercise will not hurt your spine, and follow all the steps correctly.Acting without the advice of experts on its own initiative, rather than to keep your spine healthy, you only hurt yourself.

Sports substitute brisk walking.Provided that you will make extensive walks on a regular basis, even in bad weather.The advantage of walking is the fresh air (unless of course you do not walk along the highway).Use every opportunity to increase the number of kilometers traveled.Rather than ride the elevator to the second or third floor, it is better not to hurry down or climb stairs.A leisurely climbing stairs perfectly trains muscles.

Always try to go straight

Good posture has a positive effect on the health of the spine.Correct posture ensures even distribution of pressure on the vertebrae, intervertebral discs and joints.Long-term excessive overload of these elements of the spine can lead to various kinds of defects that limit our mobility and may even cause severe pain.Bad posture doctors consider the most common source of back pain.In fact, bad posture leads to strain on the asymmetry of the muscles and ligaments that support the spine.

sometimes cause varying curvature of the spine become irreversible degenerative changes.Most of us associate the health of the spine only with their own posture and a straight back.However, this is only one of its elements.It is also important to become a habit to keep the muscles toned buttocks and abdomen.They provide critical support for the spine.The more belly hanging and become flabby buttocks, the worse their muscles do their work.

Avoid lifting weights

particularly harmful to the spine lifting weights.Of course, performing everyday tasks, we can not completely eliminate this step.But you can minimize its negative impact on the spine.Just remember a few basic principles.Lifting heavy objects from the floor - squat while keeping your back straight.All the movements are carried out smoothly.In no event it is impossible to raise heavy objects with a bent back and legs straight!If you lift the weight off the floor with bent back, the pressure on the spine is doubled!As a result, can stretch the ligaments and disks displacement occur.You also can not raise the weight in spurts.It is a common cause of painful disc herniation.In addition, shopping in the store, distribute their weight on two hands.

Pick the right shoes

Our women probably were the only ones in Europe who are sacrificing health for the sake of an attractive image.European women have recently realized what health is the most attractive feature of the fair sex.In this regard, the world has gained popularity ergonomic shoes from eco-friendly materials.And there is no place for high heels!Abnormally high shoes causes displacement of all parts of the musculoskeletal system.And ultimately leads to painful back problems and joints.

When choosing shoes pay attention to the sole and heel height.The soles should be soft and flexible.Thus, even walking on uneven ground does not affect the spine.The hard sole material does not provide cushioning when walking on asphalt and paving slabs.This often results in excessive tension of the muscles.Many people familiar with the situation when after work or shopping legs literally buzzing!Heel height may not exceed 10 centimeters (4 inches).This does not mean you have to opt out of high heels and go solely on slippers.Just do not wear high heels every day.Reserving it for special occasions.

not slouch

As soon as you sit down, the pressure on the spine is enhanced up to 150 kilograms!Like a weightlifter, lifting weights ... compare in supine pressure on the spine is only a 25 kilogram.You see the difference?Of course, no one advises you to give up a favorite chair.But you have to learn how to sit correctly.If you slouch while sitting and back bent arc, the pressure on the spine is increased to 175 kg.Continuous slouch, shifting posture in one direction and then the other negatively affects not only the spine but also in the muscles.Some groups of muscles get tired to keep the spine in an unnatural position, making a healthy spine problem.

culprit is often the wrong position furniture.Right decorate workplace.Pay attention to how you sit, especially if you spend behind a desk long time.The table height should be such that you do not have to bend during operation.The height of the chair should be enough to get your feet comfortably reach the floor.A hip joints and knees were bent at an angle of 90 degrees.The back of the chair (chair, car seat) should be at the level of the projection of the sacrum and at the height of the thoracic vertebrae slightly concave.Ideally folding should be tilted downward at an angle of 5 degrees.

If you work at a computer, the monitor should be located in front of the face.If your monitor should be in the side, for example, so as not to interfere with communication with clients at least every three months to rearrange it from one corner of the table to the other.Location keyboard should be below the elbow.Position it so that while typing angle between shoulder and upper arm was greater 121 degrees.Compliance with these settings will protect you from the pain in his shoulders and neck.If possible, buy a gel mouse pad.This will eliminate the pressure on the nerve endings of the wrist, which is usually caused when the position of the hands on a solid surface.This can lead to irritation of the nerves and cause pain not only the wrist, the palm, and the entire arm.

Healthy sleep strengthens the spine

In bed you spend 6-8 hours per day.During sleep, the backbone must be in the correct position, and the arms - relaxed.If the bed in which you sleep is not equipped properly, it can cause back pain and even spinal injury.The most important element is a mattress.It should not be too soft or too hard.The most correct position of the spine provide a so-called orthopedic mattresses.They are much more expensive than traditional, but our general health is priceless!When selecting a mattress, pay to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer.

also depends on the health of the spine posture during sleep.The most natural posture, it's a dream on the side with your knees bent - pose of the embryo.The spine is not designed by nature to sleep on his back.If you have already developed a habit, and you can not sleep anyway, then enclose under knees a small pillow or cushion.Thus, you reduce the pressure on the spine.The most unhealthy is sleeping on the stomach - especially for women (due to the "extraordinary" anatomical).This posture is often the cause of poor health in the morning, is "taut" neck and back pain.Therefore, the habit must be fought relentlessly!

Adjust the seat in the car

even comfortable sitting position in his favorite chair in front of the TV has a greater load on the spine.Now imagine what our experience overload vertebrae when driving on domestic roads!Therefore, even if you spend a little time in the car, your iron horse should be ideally suited to your anatomy.Be sure to adjust the height of the seat and backrest.And so that your knees are slightly bent, thighs are horizontal surface of the earth, and not to impede access to the steering wheel.By the gear lever and pedals you should easily reach with no additional effort.If the seat back is not matched to the height of the convexity of the lumbar spine, put a pillow or pull special case.

Doing these simple recommendations will help you to maintain a healthy spine, prevention and treatment of healthy patients.Be healthy!