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Alika Smekhova, personal life

March 27, 1968 was born Alika Smekhova.Her full name - Alla.Alik daughter of the famous actor Benjamin Smekhova.Her mother, Alla worked radioredaktorom, a journalist, and now at the theater "Romen" she head of the literary section.

Despite the fact that the family was known, Alik and her older sister Elena were not stellar children.The only thing manifested stardom Aliki - is in school with learning English, where students were children of famous parents.In addition to attending school Alika music and dance circles, circle ceramics, composed poems.The choice of profession genes affected parents.Since childhood hobbies Smehova always been creative.

In 1991, Alec graduated GITIS, major actor of musical theater.She always wanted to work in musicals, to be a singer.But now we can say that its main objective - to be on the scene, whether a singer or an actress.The role of the assistant director in the comedy A. Mayorov "insurance agent" was the debut in the movie for Aliki.Together with her in this fil

m starring famous actors Simon Faraday and Alexander Abdulov.

Alika Smekhova played a cameo role in the film "Courier" by Karen Shakhnazarov, and the movie "Step".When was the role of the gypsy in "Akseleratke."In the film "My prince," Alik starred.Choosing their roles Smekhova prefer comedic and dramatic.Play "femmes fatales" actress has allowed bright appearance.For example, in the role of Joan Aguzarovoj, in the movie "Kicks", released in 1991.Also, besides the movies, many remember her role in the drama "Hearse" (1990) and the comedy "Dream Idiot" (1993).

great popularity came to Alyx after the TV series "Balzac Age, or All Men Are Bast ...".Many began to compare the character with the actress, all the actions of the heroine transferred to Alik.Alec has also worked together with their fathers Benjamin humor.They have been working together in the television drama "Doctor willy-nilly" by Moliere on the channel "Culture".They played together on the stage, but also acted as a director Benjamin laugh.In addition, they both starred in the TV series "Balzac Age, or All Men Are Bast ...".In the series they had a scene together.And in an interview with Alik told that his father plans to have a joint program, which they are still only thinking.

A few years after graduation, Alik starring in a small number of little-known paintings, recalls his passion: music and vocals.Alika Smekhova tried to make a career in the pop scene.From 1996 to 2002 she recorded 4 solo albums.In the second half of 90th Alik it became one of the most popular singers in the Russian show business.The most famous song in duet with A. Buynova - "Do not interrupt me!" But, unfortunately, not very comfortable Alik felt in this case.

Following the example of his father Alik, wrote a book.This is not some kind of cookbook or a history of his life.This novel, "A and B were sitting on the tube" - a novel about a beautiful love, passionate hatred, suffering and elementary happiness woman.The book is a real and sincere, because everything is Alik knows experience for yourself.Alika Smekhova a versatile personality, bright appearance, interesting to talk to.But in spite of all this in his personal life is not all smooth.Having a lot of fans to create a real solid family failed.She had two registered marriage.

first still a student, at eighteen, she married director Sergei showers.This marriage lasted six years.The second lasted only two months.In addition to the official, there were two civil marriage.But now Alik free.

The actress believes that many men in her life, she was sufficiently happy, just that naturally, some relationship with time itself becomes obsolete;others were simply invented, and others have appeared misalliance."Of course," - she says, - "I, like, probably, any normal woman, wanted to get married only once, to live with it, loved a man all his life, to give birth to him, and only him, children andcanonically die - in a single day.But, unfortunately, the rhythm of my life, the way some people change, some typical human symptoms and quality, prevent me from being completely happy.Of interest to me it is a spiritually rich man, growing and developing in the personal sense. "

Actress Alika Smekhova imposes his partner, who could be worthy of it, and a pair of long-term in their personal lives, quite demanding, which, according to most actresses, corresponds not every man.His previous life partners actress says men are much weaker than herself.Of course, the singer does not mean physical force, we are talking about the mental, spiritual, true meaning of life.According to the actress, the man who visited her during her life's journey, were unable to bear the responsibility, not able to answer for their actions, did not want to compromise and what a change.Alas, but for external power and masculinity, which attracts the attention of every woman, often hiding the absolute infantilism, spineless and immaturity - said Alik."For me it is not acceptable to share a life with mentally immature person."

Now the actress finds herself free, modern woman, open to love.She believes that in his life experiences a more human, that would have sought to stimulate self-improvement and growth in spiritual terms.Man, ideal actress, in her own opinion - is a deeply religious man with a clear and solid moral and ethical principles.This feeling should be firm, there should be love, in which the singer will believe not only saying of her words, but in his soul, in his heart.

Men who choose as a life partner quiet housewife, a woman who devoted herself to cooking, cleaning and other household chores for an actress of interest are not represented.According Aliki, modern woman - this is not a servant to his "strong half" and certainly not a slave of her husband.First of all, she says, a modern woman should be lichnstyu who chooses his way, his life.The family relationships husband did not have to play the leading role "as I have said, so be it!".According Aliki, in family life all equally dependent on both the people and their desire to live together, the ability to compromise and take joint decisions.Desire is always one person is not enough.

She has two children - Artem (10 years) from the common law husband Nicholas and Makar (3 years) is rumored by Russian businessman who threw it during pregnancy.Children - Alika Smekhova pride.

Here's a she, Alika Smekhova personal life is so bright.

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