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Life Masha Malinovskaya

Mary, according to the documents Malinovskaya Marina Nikolaevna, was born in the city of Smolensk, January 21, 1981.Masha bright and beautiful girl, the star of Russian show - business.A distinctive feature of Masha is that it does not seek someone to emulate.It is - it is not for someone does not seem to have it its way to personal happiness.Masha has its own style, its own "handwriting", she unleashed a measure, sharp-tongued, so what it wants to see the viewer.Quite a different Masha was a child.According to her, it is not very talked classmate, and indeed she felt ugly duckling.But after a while she goes to the modeling agency "Podium", though it is not immediately taken.

The agency Masha mastered the art of make-up, learned to create their own style.Classes at a modeling agency Masha pushed for various experiments with his looks.Now, she noticed it wanted to communicate.In 1998, Mary graduated from high school and entered the city of Smolensk in the correspondence department of the Smolensk State

Institute, Department of Economics.But studies at the institute and work in a modeling agency does not satisfy her needs, and Mary went to Moscow.

in Moscow for the first time getting married.Husband Malinowska become Sergey Protasov.Sergei seemed Masha Prince, he was doing her expensive gifts, even gave the car, they played a magnificent wedding.Masha was happy.But the marriage was short-lived.Protasov, while abroad, Masha asked to bring him a large sum of money.She respectable wife rushed to fulfill the request of her husband.Driving across the border, it did not declare the money and went to prison.Her husband was not even going to help her in any way.Masha released from prison, she became a free man, and in family life, too.With her husband, they divorced, she had nothing left, neither housing nor work.She had to live with friends and acquaintances.

One of her friends Masha worked in television, she told her that now is casting for a new TV presenter.Masha went to the casting and won.On Muz TV Malinovskaya become the leading program "10 sexy».Working presenter.Masha iso all the forces trying to do a good job.She understands that the viewer who looks "10 Sexy» wants to see a beautiful, calling, scandalous and sharp-tongued lady.And it becomes such, it does not matter that her head hurts or she does not get enough sleep, the audience did not see.More on MUZ TV Masha leads "American Idol" and "The best twenty".After several years of work in the music programs offered Masha carry erotic show.

This significant event in the life of Masha.On the set of erotic show "Empire" she met with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.It Vladimir Zhirinovsky got under charm and charisma Malinowska, persuades her to leave the TV and join the party the Liberal Democratic Party.What she did, in 2005, Mary leaves MUZ TV and become a deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma.True, she was a deputy is not long, the bill does not participate in the taking, in 2008, the Liberal Democratic Party Coordination Council ruled her out of the party.In 2007 he published a book of Masha Malinovskaya "Men like machines," in which she describes the personal observations of the men.In 2008, Masha will debut as an actress, she played the role of glamorous ladies in the movie "Kings Can Do Everything."In 2010 she acted in the film "Blonde in a knockout," "Alias ​​for a hero."His hallmark character Masha said pride.Out - of pride often comes to conflicts, as it sees everywhere trick, although it is not.He says that such behavior distinguishes all provincials.He likes to be in the spotlight, loves to it learned.He loves all original, it concerns and preferences in literature, cinema, cooking.She has a small home video library.This library contains only those films in which Mary sees the solution of their problems.Watch them it can several times.He loves his grandmother's dumplings, do not like cakes with cream.The food in general feels picky eating everything.What matters is that what she offers, she wanted to eat.True virtue of their profession is trying to limit myself in meal.

A personal life of Masha still can not be adjusted.Although in 2009 the Happiness was so close.Masha even in June, unofficially married.Her chosen one was the son of the head of administration of the Arkhangelsk region - Denis Davitiashvili.The groom did the bride pre-wedding gift - the car "Porsche".Wedding date was set for September.The reason for the gap was the girlfriend Masha, singer Yana Tess.Yana and Dennis was having an affair, Ian was pregnant.Denis shortly before the wedding and Masha went to her pregnant rival.Masha is in retaliation decided to terminate her pregnancy.After Denis was the machines of other rap singer Taras.Now, next to Masha men there, but she was pregnant.According to her, she really wanted a child, the father's name Mary does not call.Well, can finally Masha Malinovskaya will gain happiness in his personal life.

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