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Why does not a fresh breath

What you need to have fresh breath?

Let us never forget that the mouth is always maintained constant humidity .This is necessary to ensure that the microorganisms are in the mouth, saliva destroyed in time.

As is known, strong breath happens after sleep .To avoid this, you need the night before going to bed to eat an apple and a small piece of cheese durum, and waking up in the morning to do business as usual, that is. E. To brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.And do not forget to drink water throughout the day to slyunoobrazovaniya, what we talked about above.

sure to organize the work gastric .To do this, you need to eat healthy foods, and do not forget the yogurt and yogurt.They are also useful for fresh breath.

We all know, and it's no secret that eating garlic or onion , we provide currently bad breath, and so they often deny ourselves these useful products.But few people know that getting rid of these smells will parsley.It not only restores the freshness of breath, but also a

little whitens teeth.The same effect can be achieved by using grains of spicy clove.

now talk a little about the people who are dieting.They often complain of smell of acetone breath .It called ketone breath and formed it because eating only low-calorie foods, and at their splitting decomposition products are formed - ketones.We advise these people to make a fresh breath, eat bananas that restoring the balance of substances in the body, reduce the amount of ketones.

And, of course, let's not forget of folk remedies to freshen your breath :

1. Take one hour. L.lemon peel and a half hours. l.honey, taken three times a day.

2. Periodically, then polish gums anise seeds and chew small pieces of iris root.

3. Three times a day after meals chew pieces of ginger, a little keep them under the tongue and then swallow.This procedure preserves the freshness of breath for a long time.

4. Also, to breath fresh, rinse your mouth with water and chew grains of cardamom, two juniper berries or dried basil.

5. Brush galangal root.

6. Pinch of cinnamon blocks the increase in the number of microorganisms in the mouth and leaves a pleasant sensation.

These people need ways to supplement the following recipe: 2 cups of boiling water taken 1, 5, Art.l.chamomile flowers pharmacy.Boil under a cover in a small saucepan for 5 minutes, filtered, and cool the broth is ready.Caress your mouth 5 times a day for 2 minutes.This broth will give your breath fresh.

Also, to maintain fresh breath helps gum .But not all the cud help improve freshness.You need to buy gum with xylitol content, which is not harmful to teeth, like sugar.Chewing gum with xylitol prevents the growth of harmful bacteria that are found in the oral cavity.And do not neglect the mints.

Why does not fresh, repulsive breath?

If you have not managed to get rid of the bad smell from the mouth, it is necessary to turn to professionals for help, t. To. You probably formed pustules on tonsils, non-cold, and they are pieces of food after eating,which later transformed into pus, and why there is trouble breathing and repulsive.

not fresh breath may be the beginning of ketoacidosis.It is a disease for which there is an incomplete combustion of glucose in the body, and it requires extensive treatment.

And, of course, the easiest way to learn about your problem - is to turn to a dentist who will restore your dental health and pleasant breath!