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Properties pecan

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So apparently pecans resemble the one hand, hazelnut, on the other hand, the fruits of the olive tree.Not by chance that they were given a second name - "olive nuts."If they are clean, they are similar to walnuts: exactly the same shape, which resembles the brain.But the taste of pecan nuts is also reminiscent of walnuts.But they are much softer and softer.

And from walnut pecan characterized by a lack of internal partitions.So easy to get a nut shell, it is not bitter, like walnuts.

All these features pecans make them unique.Incidentally, pecan nuts differ from the other and that they do not encroach nut moth.Consequently, grubby pecan - this is nonsense.

And they can go rancid only if they are kept clean.

If pecans are ripe, were dried according to the rules, they will never tart, such as walnuts.At Pecan pleasant sweet taste.Connoisseurs say nuts that the taste of pecan second only to Brazil nuts.

Middle pecan weighs equally with large walnut.But there is one posi

tive feature.Its core at exactly the same title twice walnut kernels.

Properties nut

These nuts are surprisingly nutritious.They are much more high-calorie walnuts, contain more sugar.Even in pecan seventy percent fats, carbohydrates fifteen percent, ten - and five proteins - water.

Pecans are rich in vitamins A, E and B are a large percentage of folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium.

For example, an adult man (meaning a person big body) is enough to consume four grams of pecans a day.It will satisfy the body's need (and. One hundred percent) in calories and nutrients.

pecan kernels are rich in monounsaturated fats.Yet they contain gamma-tocopherol.This particular substance protecting proteins and fats from oxidation.

extracted from pecan oil has healing properties.And get this medicated oil is only possible by cold pressing.In this case, it preserves all the nutrients.The oil is golden yellow color, it has a subtle aroma of nuts, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of the olive.All that is valuable nut oil there, but in a stronger concentration.It is composed of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, phytosterols.They improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and varicose veins, prevent coronary heart disease.

Butter pecan is recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications.If it is taken orally, it helps in the treatment of colds, eliminates headaches, invigorates, improves appetite.In addition, pecan oil - is an excellent substitute for the necessary human body fat.His ingredients help fight aging.

Therefore, pecans, and making oil are indispensable for the elderly and sick people.They contain substances strengthen the immune system and protect cells.

Have pecan oil properties due to which it is widely used in cosmetology.In the first place, it is recommended for skin problems such as irritation, sunburn, fungal infections, insect bites, bruises.

addition, pecan oil is incredibly popular with massage therapists.It is no coincidence.It is like no other oil moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity, renews cells and rejuvenates them.It is part of many cosmetic products, which are intended for all skin types.But in general, oil-based cosmetics pecans ideal only for dry mature skin.

Pecan culinary

Pecans are quite popular and housewives.They are eaten raw and roasted, dried reserve, added to the dishes, cakes, used in the manufacture of high-end liquor.

Butter pecan is suitable for all kinds of salads, rice dishes, mushrooms.It is compatible with all good cheeses, fish and poultry.

Alas, in Russia and pecan nuts oil obtained from them, are hardly used in cookery.In the United States can not do without them, no hostess.Pecan Pie - an integral part of any holiday.

And of pecans can be a unique coffee brew with a unique taste.It is enough to grind coffee beans with nuts, cook, let stand a little, then add orange extract.

By the way, today pecans has grown not only in the US but also on the Black Sea coast, in Australia and Asia.

In the markets and shops in these countries can easily find pecans.They are sold either peeled or in shell.It is best to purchase crude nuts.This ensures that the taste will not be spoiled.

in nuts stored dry a little over six months.If they cleaned, they should be frozen.Otherwise nuts can become rancid.If

eat pecan little (but often) and replace them high-calorie foods, it will quickly get rid of excess weight.But eating nuts with the meat or milk, you run the risk of getting fat fast as other high-calorie much pecan nuts.The same effect is the abuse of pecans.


In principle, contraindications to the use pecans, as well as its oil there.If you are not allergic to substances that are part of the nuts, and fatty liver, can safely eat pecans.

main thing to observe a measure.Do not eat at a time more than a hundred grams of nuts.Do not forget that these nuts are high in calories.Your body can not digest them, which will lead to a breach of digestion.