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How to treat pneumonia in children

Inflammation of the lungs or pneumonia - a disease that is contagious nature of the inflammatory process that develops in the lungs, accompanied by the violation of their basic functions.Ways of infection in the body are basically two.First - this is directly through the respiratory tract (air - drop way).And second, when the source of the infection is inside of the body, resulting in lung through the bloodstream.In this case we speak of secondary pneumonia or pneumonia is a complication of the underlying disease.How does the infection occurred, it is a very important factor in the treatment of pneumonia.Bacteria and viruses enter our airways almost constantly, why in some cases there is a lung disease, but not in others.It is directly linked to a number of reasons: first of all immunity, with the weakening of which disease occurs.In children, the immune system is not completely formed, which determines a high frequency of disease in childhood.What to do if a child is ill with pneumonia?

to suspected pneumonia in the child, there are several specific features: extending the long-term disease of the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, angina), shortness of breath, especially when breath, coughing, high fever or a relative increase against the backdrop of breath.On the basis of these symptoms do not put a definitive diagnosis, but it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In no case do not self!The doctor will determine whether you need hospitalization or can be treated at home.Treatment of pneumonia begin to establish and correct the problem that caused the pneumonia.If this virus agent is administered antivirals if a bacterium is antibacterial, and not necessarily in the injections.Currently there are many drugs in the form of different syrups that facilitates receiving a child.Determination of the dosage of antibacterial drugs should be administered by the attending physician according to the age, weight and the severity of the underlying disease.Typically, pneumonia observed rise in body temperature.What is a protective reaction to inflammation, so take antipyretics only necessary when a significant increase in temperature.

Also, treatment is aimed at cleansing the respiratory tract of phlegm, filling the baby's lungs.When pneumonia becomes thick mucus, making it difficult released with a cough.Often engaged in self-treatment of pneumonia, parents use antitussives, trying to save the child cough.However, the types of antitussives quite a lot, there are some whose mechanism of action is aimed at suppressing the cough center in the brain that does not contribute to improvement, but rather leads to further stagnation of mucus in the lungs.For its liquefaction and speedy allocation of special drugs prescribed mucolytics and expectorants, and they can be a vegetable (mukaltin) and chemical origin (ambroxol, bronhalitin).It is necessary to drink plenty of liquids.Marvelous sredstvo- tea with honey from the hips, which is not only a source of an increasing number of vitamins, but a diuretic, which will contribute to a more rapid release of the child's body from toxins.A very important factor in sputum is the temperature and humidity in the room in which the child.The room temperature must be from 19 to 21 degrees and the humidity is not less than 50%.It is necessary to conduct daily wet cleanings facilities and ventilation.When cleaning is not advisable to use disinfectants, as they tend to lead to irritation of the bronchial mucosa.When the above conditions the child has a cough quickly become "wet" - productive that will help to cleanse the lungs of mucus.In the presence of a pronounced bronchospasm permissible use of drugs expands bronchial tubes (bronchodilators).

Power of the child shall be a full and balanced in its composition containing a large amount of vitamins and minerals.In the treatment of pneumonia it is permissible to use homeopathic remedies, but only as a supplementary, not the main type of treatment.These drugs can also be used to improve sputum, lymphatic drainage, stimulating the immune system.

While improving the state of the child it is advisable to appoint a physiotherapy and rehabilitation period in gymnastics, which will contribute to more rapid recovery of lung function.We hope that this disease will not threaten your child, but now you know exactly how to treat pneumonia in children.