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How to stop the progression of myopia in children

And contrary to popular conception of the myopic eyes of these people's eyes are small and with a small radius of curvature of the cornea.Often such refraction occurs in the immediate family of the patient, as is most often transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner.For these children, characterized by rather high visual acuity without glasses, even with high myopia.Details about the disease and its progression - in an article on "How to stop the progression of myopia in children."

Most often parents pay attention to what the child is considering a picture or toy, very much closer to their eyes, and this is due to the approach of the further point of clear vision.In the fundus, there is usually no specific symptoms extension anteroposterior axis of the eye - myopic crescent cone with the temporal side of the optic disc or staphylomas around him.No discharge of eyes, when stretched over a layer of pigment epithelium viewed large choroidal vessels.Moreover, no symptoms of complicated myopia with changes

in the macular area, thinning of the retinal dystrophy and in the periphery.In school-age children when a progressive myopia, such changes, such as around the optic disc, and may be, but they do not meet the sharply myopia.Oftalmometres would indicate a decrease in the radius of curvature of the cornea and strengthen its optical power in comparison with the age norm.Ultrasound examination shows that the size of the MSP eyes meet age or less.It is important to biometrics eye on two planes: the horizontal and sagittal.In myopia the eye retains typical for a healthy body ellipsoid shape like a flattened posterior pole of the eye.Therefore, in healthy eyes, the horizontal axis will be greater.Similar relationships are typical for myopia.Rational optical correction of the eye refractive children contributes to the stability and requires no further conservative or surgical treatment.

particular importance is the ultrasound examination for the second variant of myopia due to the large size of the eyeball.For it typically increase as the length of the anteroposterior and horizontal axis of the eye.Moreover, because of the ellipsoidal shape, size and the second somewhat more.Unfortunately, this version of myopia increased disproportionately shape of the eyeball may be due not only to heredity, but the intrauterine factors leading to disruption of the formation of the optic cup.In some cases, it can be transferred in utero infection, fetal toxicity.Its symptoms are sometimes found in the form of old pigmented chorioretinal lesions or barely noticeable white foci in the peripheral retina.It is believed that in these cases may be a reduction in the maximum visual acuity with correction, referred to as "amblyopia" (often treatable).Patients with disproportionately large eyes and often marked an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, often leading to subsequent complications myopia.It is clear that the only way of conducting such patients with myopia is a negative rational correction glasses or contact lenses (with high myopia) for the prevention of progression of myopia and amblyopia.It is important to emphasize that the diopters of myopia over 2 Many doctors insist on the mandatory wearing of correction when performing work at close range.This helps to avoid enhanced convergence associated with the installation of the optical near the eye, prevents weakening of the accommodation and the progression of myopia.Of course, in a steady state of myopia in any operations, sclera, these children do not need.Unfortunately, irrational vision correction and intense visual load may trigger the progression of myopia.And the sooner it occurs, the more malignant occurs and can lead to complications of myopia.In these cases it is necessary to carry out treatment to eliminate the stabilization process of progressive myopia.

After 5 years with stable myopia may discuss surgical vision correction.And the first version of myopia is almost the only case of pathogenetic orientation keratorefrakiionnyh operations.In particular, the excimer laser correction when the cut is really the culprit in the development of myopia is too "cool" the cornea.Now we know how to stop the progression of myopia in children.

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