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How to please her husband in bed

Madonna and the whore

most common man ceases to feel attracted to his wife, idealizing it, and on a subconscious level, extolling its image.Beloved wife of her husband in the subconscious transformed the image of the harlot (unfettered mistress) in the image of the Madonna.As you know, Madonna - image is not carnal, not sexy and sublime, close to the image of the mother.A drive to the mother on a subconscious level is blocked by special gene in healthy men.And the best relationships develop between husband and wife, the faster formed image of the Madonna.Consequently, quickly fading attraction husband and stops normal sex life.

Out - emancipation

Remember, men women find the best one that day - a nun, and at night - whore.Separate clearly the concept of day and night.Remember, what you captured each other at the beginning of your relationship.Let it sounds trite and cliche - "romantic dinner", but why not arrange, and optionally do it at home.Go to a restaurant, but do not overeat.Empty together in

pleasant memories.Put something in what you thought your husband sexually.If this is a complete lack of clothing, then remove everything off the doorstep.And, in general, do not hesitate to their desires, because their power is instantly transmitted to our partners.Precede the beginning of your proximity to the phrase: "Today is all you want."And so be it!The affiliate

massage During the massage, especially for men opens unexplored areas.They learn a lot about the new zones and areas of his body, of which hypersensitivity did not know before.Men feel defeated by the power of unusual sensations.They notice that the usual control mechanisms do not work, and they have to let yourself loose.Thus, the massage gives a whole new sensory experience and an excellent opportunity to please her husband in bed.The skin is directly related to the "pleasure center", is dotted with the finest nerve endings.The skin is the most extensive organ of interaction with the outside world.The gentle touch of a hair or feather effect this connection causes a storm, immediately sends a signal to the brain, which we so yearned.

Sensitive touch hands, hair or lips are able to deliver an unearthly pleasure in bed.Able to fill the relationship of trust and warmth.Even long-standing relationship, firmed in the routine, they can give an unexpected freshness and new impetus.Massage, filled with love, stimulates not only the body, but also emotions.It is similar to a dance in which you lead partner, subordinating his rhythm.Trust emotion body and obey the will of the surging emotions.So, you give pleasure to your partner and his beloved.To fully enjoy a massage, you no one and nothing should distract.Disconnect the doorbell and telephone, think only about your partner and your feelings.

Scent of a Woman

pheromones, or sex attractants, are of great importance to intimacy.These substances arouse a man sexually attracted to a woman.They are perceived by a special body of the nasal mucosa, with the pheromones are not pronounced particular flavor.During intercourse, the vaginal mucosa glands secrete natural erection stimulators, which are pheromones.Especially a lot of them in the vaginal cavity, "thrown out" during orgasm, turning the ordinary man in the sexual giant.But with prolonged sexual intercourse sensitive nasal cells and receptors of the male member to the substances secreted constant mates, dull.And when you consider the fact that a woman is able to give out the pheromones sufficient only up to a certain age (40 - 45 years), you should think about how not to wander into "sexual desert."

Out - pheromone kick

Naturally, you need to resort to auxiliary measures, trying to cheat nature.You can not do without foreplay - hugs, kisses, strokes, in other words, without a long prelude to sex.It is necessary for some time to try to develop a closeness as much sex attractants and without foreplay.This can be done with your own sexual fantasies.Of course, the question arises: how to determine that the pheromones are produced in greater numbers than ever before?

The fact that there are quite a reliable external signs of increasing production of sex attractants.In this process, the pupils dilate, his lips are opened, amplified and vaginal secretion, the skin is in the chest wetter and warmer, swell and increase labia.If you are unable to develop their own pheromones, use aphrodisiacs.They are known as sexy and exciting flavors - musk, bergamot, vanilla, green apple.

recipe for love flavor

To please her husband, take a bath before a date.Add to it two drops of essential oils of anise, fennel, rosemary, narcissus, jasmine and ylang-ylang.After the bath, deodorant instead put the underarm piece of peeled green apple and hold it for several minutes.Your skin will exude a pleasant aroma exciting, do not just give pleasure to her husband in bed, and more and increase his sexual activity.

favored fantasy

You can help yourself by using your imagination.For example, an hour before bedtime, call in your imagination erotic paintings.You can sneak a look at her husband pictures from magazines or the Internet, causing excitement - while continuing normal communication with her husband, without artificial flirting.After a little practice you will probably be able to awaken the desire in her husband.

For such a "self-help" should be one condition - the presence of the female psyche in so-called "favorite fantasy" - erotic images, causing vivid, powerful stimulation.The ability to sense fantasy - the most important condition of female sexuality and attractiveness.If this kind of fantasy you have not formed or are not understood, you can seek help from a specialist.

By pleasing her husband in bed, as you will get an unforgettable experience.