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When can I have sex after a cesarean section

often almost all gynecologists recommend resuming sexual activity no earlier than a month - half after this heavy operation.It's very simple to explain.The fact that it was after this period of time the female body is more or less restored, returns to its normal state.Although there are cases where the Council can not expect less than eight weeks.There are some experts who are allowed to resume sexual relations almost immediately after surgery if a woman of very keen.Of course, common sense tells us that is wiser to wait until the end of the bleeding, and only then begin to resume sexual relations.

only individual consultation and receive a gynecologist can help you as accurately as possible to establish that already allow to have sex with complete peace of mind and confidence, without negative consequences for the health of the female body.The doctor will take note of the factors that are very important in each individual case.All these measures will help to minimize the risk that occurs during the em

ergence of postpartum hemorrhage - the risk of contracting infections.We think that everyone understands that the reason for such negative consequences is too early start of sexual life after childbirth.

Features of sex after a cesarean section, tips and tricks

While the placenta separates from the uterine wall, the place formed a wound that is the cause and the source of bleeding.It is for this reason too early sex, and the use of conventional tampons, can become a cause of infection of the female body.Because it is strongly recommended to refrain, even several days after the cessation of bleeding, so it is not resumed with renewed vigor.

Often satellites intimate relationship after cesarean section is pain.Experts compare the "first time" after giving birth to the loss of virginity for the second time.It is easy to explain: the structure of ligaments and connective tissues must first bit of a stretch to feeling "when" was the same as before.It so happens that the pain does not leave a woman for 3 months!If there are no abnormalities, and the doctor recommended sex - continue in the same spirit.Just be more cautious and extremely careful, slow enough for yourself and choose the most comfortable position.Soon, the pain will leave you.Just have a little patience.

And the worst reason to postpone the "joy of life", is psychological.Often, many women before delivery (even the most beautiful), so not too sure of himself.That chest is too small, the waist is not very thin, the weight of the extra stock, the cellulite.And the rest as a reward postoperative scars - it's all a disaster for them.

Features safe sex after childbirth.

Our dear girl, please remember, always, that men love you, love, arms are completely for other things!Especially, that soon shramiki discolored and smooth.

Of course, if a psychological factor difficult to handle only by force of will, a possible way out of this difficult situation.Simply buy yourself a nice, quite expensive and a bit more closed underwear.The result did not take long.And all your systems will be as a white apple smoke.And most importantly - you open in a new role to his beloved spouse.