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Sexual relations in old age

First of all, at any age, sex accompanied by a beneficial influence on the psychological and physical health of the individual.Older people also have the desire to live a full personal relationships.Certain features of intimate relationships in old age they should know.

some step changes of sexuality with age can not very well affect the sexual relationship.Men need more time to reach the peak, ejaculation, and also rarer and harder erections may occur.Women, too, are subject to change - they can decrease the elasticity of the vagina and feel dry.This period is accompanied by a decrease in the frequency of sexual relations.Do not be afraid, because the age is absolutely normal.It is necessary to adapt to these changes and learn to accept your partner and yourself as you are.

The best thing you can do in this situation - is to love each other, to show trust and respect.Provide emotional support to his partner, comfort each other when you have something does not work like they used to in their sexual li

ves.Do not forget that complicate sexual problems may be even more emotional stress and nervousness.And do not hide your feelings from a partner.Talk about the problems that have arisen delicate and respectful manner.Do not let at yourself and your partner a feeling of guilt.

Remember that having sex with penetration - only one of the types of equipment intended for sexual gratification.There are many other ways.Search and discover others new to you, ways of obtaining satisfaction.Any age appropriate to get rid of the monotony and routine in their sexual lives.You can try new techniques, new poses.Required important principle in the intimate sphere - is to like both, and any innovations to be implemented by mutual consent.

Among other things, kisses, caresses and words of love at any age, especially in mature, will always form the basis of an intimate relationship.Many people have such seemingly simple things like words of love and tenderness, uttered during sex games, cause excitement and pleasure.

speak freely and without fear of what you want to at some point.When you show your partner your feelings, sensations and thoughts, it has a beneficial effect on sexual relations and helps to feel more pleasure.However, around the need to observe the golden mean, do not get too to stress this and to accompany every movement commentary partner, leave room for improvisation.In this case, it will only give him pleasure.

Due to the fact that it will be difficult to return to the previous level of sexual activity, do not terminate an intimate relationship in the long term.The good news is that the body of older men and women for many years to release the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire.

Sexual desire declines in old age is not much.And this is the norm.But do not forget that the decline in sexual activity can also be triggered by diseases of the nervous system, hormonal disorders, general weakness, various pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hypertensive disease and others., And depression.You will be better if you consult a specialist and sexologist at the family doctor.

theme of sexuality in middle-aged and elderly people in the last ten years has developed rapidly, the issue was considered important and this has been some studies of sexual desire among men who crossed the threshold of 50 years.We interviewed both men and women of this age.The study found interesting moments, as in the extent of the resulting sexual satisfaction and pleasure, depending on the specific techniques for people after 50.

For example, it turned out that those who have achieved a "very good" or "excellent" degree of communication withhis companions of life to 50 years, most appeared happy couples.

However, couples with high financial income turned out to be no more happy about sexual desire than couples who have a low income.

Also during the studies make it clear that the majority of men and women 50 and older who are confident that their marriage was really happy, having fun with your sex life couples.There were also important factors such as the frequency of sex with a spouse, the degree of comfort discussing sexual topics and how many spouses enjoy it.

The survey revealed that sexual life is an important aspect in marriage - so said the vast majority of happy and unhappy husbands and wives.At the same time, a large percentage of married women who did not think their marriage happy, ignored the fact that sexual expression - an important area of ​​married life.It was the most important aspect in the life of women in unhappy marriage in almost all studies.

Despite the fact that fidelity prevailed among the interviewed men and women, yet 23% of men and 8% of women admitted to one or more of the "meeting" outside the family after 50 years.These data are relevant to those who do not destroy the family because of the affair.Other statistics show that 80% of men and 60% women for marriage change your mate at least once.According to the research, which has recently been carried out in England, half of the surveyed women at least once was adultery.And despite the fact that British women are considered "cold."

Studies show that the frequency of sexual relations in old age, activity and sexual satisfaction may not have a beneficial effect health problems.However, both men and women continued their sexual relationships and enjoy sex, despite the fact that because of the disease undergoing some obstacles seem insurmountable.It was when the partners have been active in sex and to disease.

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