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As belly dancing affects the sexual chakra

When the dancer performs the dance, though it is filled with natural forces.Bare feet are taking support from the ground, hands - from the air, as a symbol of the fire element are whirling in a dance.The smooth movement of the abdomen, as the gentle waves - the element of water.Woman in belly dance are in perfect harmony, accumulates internal energy and can transfer it to the world.It is a sensitive, emotional and fascinating men dance.No other dance do not emphasize the femininity and beauty of your figure.He develops a woman's flexibility, grace, as well as help to improve health.

sexy dancing woman is in the open abdomen.Below the navel chakra is responsible for the sexual energy.The point of concentration of the internal energy of the person is the sexual chakra.Naked belly, especially the navel - a demonstration of the sexual energy, increasing during the dance.The navel is the energy enters the body and it opens the way to the elements.Therefore, it is considered that special sexy, dance performe

rs, lies in the open abdomen.Thus, women are the sexual energy, and due to the movements of the dance increases its run time.Belly dance - a special power over men!The sexual chakra - the center of all human emotions, as well as creativity and sexual energy.

unusual rhythm of belly dancing "shaking" as is of great importance.During the performance you get the physical load on different muscle groups.In the process acquired a beautiful posture and smooth gait.Moving gracefully, you become the object of attention of men.In addition proper breathing will lead to better blood oxygen saturation that affect your health positively.

This dance is a special energy and, in its way, body and soul therapy aimed at the adoption of himself, of his soul.The enchanting oriental music accompanying the performance, full of emotional, as well as the dance itself.The belly dance concluded all the emotions - joy and sorrow, serenity and passion, love and separation.

So, belly dancing helps women become sexier.During the dance classes, you get the harmony of shapes, plastic and graceful movements, the elastic tummy, which is nice and makes us more attractive to men.The main thing is that belly dance movements are not random, and they contribute to the opening of the female sexual chakra.

We can not say that the dance is also improving.The belly dancing involves muscles that in everyday life we ​​seldom work.The dance takes a large energy output, which leads to the normalization of the internal organs.Catching up belly dancing can achieve attractive figure and lose weight.And note any diets.Just getting better energy exchange, you burn your calories.Belly dance for women is the key to its beauty and health.During the dance, memories of pleasant emotions fantasy of a happy and successful life can be embodied in the present.

Catching belly dancing, a woman is revealed to believe in themselves, in their own strength, to its charm and appeal of acquiring confidence.And no other dance will not help to achieve such results.Top career goes well and everything is getting better in his personal life.Yes, and what a man can stand such an attractive woman.

Some researchers believe that many women, is keen on belly dance, open a variety of creative abilities Perhaps creativity is present in all of us, and belly dancing only disclose it.It helps to open up and throw out anything that is hidden in our subconscious.Men recognize belly dance the sexiest on the planet.Now you know how to belly dance dliyaet sexual chakra.

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