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Advanced treatments for acne

Right now

Early Autumn - a golden time for worsening acne.And it's not just the sun.Starting an active business season, and therefore stress, unbalanced diet, emotional and hormonal swings.All this is reflected in the skin.If proper care and advertised products to produce results, to cope with the rash would be a snap.But the problem is that the origins of the disease are hiding deep inside.Scheme of acne is well understood: the hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands, which produce secret moisturizing skin and hair.Normally, it must go through the pores on the surface.Problems arise when the sebum and dead cells accumulate in the aisle.The pores are converted into wells, brim clogged that from which escape is long overdue.And all this with the zeal come from bacteria.The result of their happy existence - an inflammation of the skin.The most common rashes appear in places where the sebaceous glands, and this - the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.Despite the fact that the problems of t

he skin do not cause physical pain, they affect our mood and self-confidence.In the treatment of acne are a standard set of tools - tonic with salicylic or glycolic acid, benzene peroxide, antibiotics, and even birth control pills.While antibiotics affect bacteria contraceptives reduce the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone in the blood.

holistic approach

Since not exist two identical people, there can be no equal treatment regimens.Each needs its own approach.Causes of acne can be different, so it is good to get to the truth and to find out what specifically skin reacts.As a rule, it simply reflects the processes that go deep inside.For example, a malfunction of the excretory system.Some toxins removed from the body through the skin, but the main load rests on the kidneys, liver and intestines.If anyone of them can not cope with their responsibilities, increasing the load on the skin.For example, a diet rich in fat and sweet food, small fruits and vegetables.At intestinal difficulties arise, and the body tries to draw the skin to work overtime.That is part of the "garbage" goes through her, settles part of the road.Acne can also provoke intolerance of certain foods, such as cereals.

At heart

Buy a special sponge that will remove dead cells and promote renewal.But is not injured areas, which already have a rash.Massage the rest of the body will benefit and problem areas, because stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves the delivery of nutrients and removes toxins.

in a hammock

If acne blame stress, add into your life positive aspects (spa, massage).Try meditation or other relaxation techniques - they are a force to return the good mood.Pay more attention should lymphatic system.It also plays an important role in cleansing the skin.Lymph travels in circles.

Without pump

Its work depends entirely on the activity of the muscles, which stimulate the flow.If a skin problem, be sure to play sports because moderate load help better circulate lymph through the body, collecting dirt.

Food as medicine

Recent studies show that food does not cause acne.as it was assumed earlier.However, eating correctly, you are unlikely to achieve the desired goal.The system is closed, the weakness is not forgiven, so it is best to remove from the diet of refined foods and add fresh vegetables.Very useful protein, ie fresh fish, white meat, legumes and grains.

What else should I put on the plate to help the body "clean"?

Firstly, eggs, oysters, cheese and pumpkin seeds.For the simple reason that they are rich in zinc, which restores the skin cells and regulates hormones.

Secondly, strawberries, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower.Vitamin C which is present in excess in these products activate the immune system and detoxification.

Third, bananas, avocados, cereals, where a lot of vitamin C. It is simply irreplaceable, if rashes are tied to a woman's cycle.

Fourth, carrots, peppers, spinach, broccoli and pumpkin.Vitamin A is responsible for cell renewal.And protects the skin from damage (in the products a yellow-green color of many antioxidants), strengthens the immune system and creates unfavorable conditions for infection.In addition to vitamin A lot of vegetables in fish oils, dairy products and egg yolk.The ideal breakfast for the skin - an omelette and fresh yogurt.You should not use the scrub more than 1 time per week.It removes ultra-thin layer of fat.And it stimulates the sebaceous glands, thus worsening the problem on the face.For the same reason it is best to avoid lotions containing alcohol.

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