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Care folk remedies for face winter

Our skin begins to adapt to different weather conditions, due to, which changes its basic properties.With decreasing daylight and cold weather reduced production of sebum.Normal skin is dry, oily skin is not as oily and dry skin becomes very dry and sensitive.When choosing a cosmetic skin care in winter need to take into account these features.

the spring to the skin did not look "faded" and haggard, but was fresh and bright you need to follow a few rules of skin care in winter.

properly wash
- do not wash with soap and water in the winter, this leads to the fact that the skin is too dry;
- you need to carefully swab to wipe the face, pre-moisten it into a milky lotion;
- to wash off the face of a small amount of boiled, hot water;
- wipe face tonic lotion or soft;
- put on the face day cream and color cosmetics.In winter, the cream should be nutritious, but not wetting.
- to calculate the time that after applying makeup and before going outside took at least 40 minutes.

need to find the means to

All cosmetics used, where possible, should be one and the same firm.And when change cosmetic line, you need to buy the best cosmetics.Moisturizers should be used all year round, but in winter these funds are applied at night or when it's time to go, you are not going to.Preference should be given to media based on thermal waters.

In winter, the mask should be nutritious for all skin types.For combination or oily skin is recommended to use a mask once a week 1, for sensitive and dry skin is necessary to apply the mask 2 or 3 times a week.

You need to have makeup for emergency protection of the skin, it is not necessary to use every day.But if you're going to go to the ski resort, you need to buy a fat cream, which is designed to protect your skin from the cold.

care for your skin in the winter
no secret that in winter the skin requires special care.In the winter, taking care of the skin is necessary to consider how the type: oily or normal or dry.And the same nutritional agents can not be applied to all skin types.If properly care for your skin in the winter, it will be a cause of premature aging, small cracks appear, the skin loses its elasticity, will be swelling, redness, flaking and excessive dryness.What you need to know that the skin of the body and face in the cold was radiant, velvety and smooth?

the winter skin needs and nourish and moisturize
winter we spend a lot of time in the heated rooms, and the air dries the skin, causing it requires more moisture.According to cosmetologists, you need to apply the cream 40 minutes before going outside, and it would be better if this time is increased to one hour.This also applies to the fatty cream, because these products contain at least 25% water.If you exit to the street before, it will lead to flaking, dryness and skin hypothermia.The ideal way out of this situation is if the cream will combine the functions of hydration and nutrition.They should be selected according to the skin.

Oily skin needs moisturizing
Oily skin is lighter than dry skin tolerates frost, but can not maintain the water balance, and it is very necessary hydration.For this we use traditional medicines.Oily skin is well moisturizes fresh aloe juice, you can use it as a lotion.You can use a mask of cabbage.Chop cabbage leaves in a food processor, to a liquid state.Apply the mixture to 15 or 20 minutes on the face, then rinse with warm water.These procedures are best done before bedtime, you can not carry them out before going out.

Hydration should be done with the help of cosmetics, as well as proper nutrition.In your diet to include vitamins A, B, C, E. In order to normalize water balance, you should drink per day up to 2 liters of clean water.Skin type winter most people change if the spring, summer and fall you have oily skin, the skin becomes a normal winter.

How to assure beauticians need to use creams with SPF-filter all year round.You should know that the sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays and winter.You do not need to apply the cream with a high level of protection as SPF-40, SPF-50, is justified to apply the cream SPF-10.It should be applied as the basis of a day cream or makeup.It is also good to use light gel or serum, as part of which a large amount of antioxidants (blue cornflower, calendula, chamomile, green tea, grape seeds).On sale is a nourishing and moisturizing creams, which include those already in SPF-filter.

necessary at any time of year, including winter, perform a deep cleaning of the skin.Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, but this procedure should not be abused, as will lead to drying of the skin.Once a week should be a procedure for the body.In the body, apply in a circular, gentle movements mixture, massage a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.Then apply a skin moisturizer or balm mousse.Immediately after this procedure is forbidden to go out.This will be the cause of the feeling of dryness and skin hypothermia.It is better to stay at home a few hours, and will be a good option if you'll be spending the evening exfoliation.

Dry Skin Care
Such skin reacts to the cold peeling.To clean, dry skin should use a mild detergent - milk or cream that will restore the acid mantle of the skin and moisturizing it.Lotion since it is not necessary to use it dries the skin.It would be better to use tonic.The thin skin around the eyes needs to be protected, it loses its elasticity and becomes drier.For the eye to do the mask.

Mask of potatoes
removes puffiness around the eyelids, making it supple and soft, smoothes and nourishes the skin.
take raw, unpeeled potatoes and wipe it on a small grater.Then add 1 tablespoon milk and 2 teaspoons flour.We put the mask on the eyelids and hold 15 or 20 minutes

Honey mask around the eyes
Take 2 tablespoons of honey, mix with 2 tablespoons of barley flour and protein.Leave on the face 20 or 30 minutes, then smoem hot or cold water.It has a tonic and nourishing action for the time removes the wrinkles around the eyes.This mask should not be done often.

Honey mask for the skin around the eyes
2 tablespoons of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of strong tea, and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.Add a little water to the desired consistency.The resulting mass podogreem couple.Will lay a towel and keep the mask on your face for 20 minutes.Then smoem first with warm water, then cold water and put on a skin moisturizer.This mask is useful for dry skin, it smooths wrinkles around the eyes.

mask for aging and dry skin
Take 40 grams of glycerin, 10 grams of gelatin, 10 grams of zinc oxide, 40 grams of water.Fill
gelatin in cold water, stir and hold it for one hour for swelling.Rub with glycerin, zinc oxide until smooth.We mix with the swollen gelatin and podogreem until completely dissolved.The mask is cool.In finished form the mask store a few days.Podogreem thickened mixture in a water bath, put on gauze, which are wetted in molten gelatin mass.Gauze is glued well and quickly freezes on his face.Keep it on your face for 30 minutes.After the mask smazhem face cream.

daisy mask for dry skin with dilated capillaries
shall pound egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of chamomile extract and 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil.The mask is applied to the skin with a thin layer of 10 or 15 minutes, then remove with a solution of warm tea.Smazhem skin moisturizer.

mask for oily skin
Take half a pack of yeast, add 1 egg yolk, yogurt, or a few drops of lemon juice, and the resulting mask apply on face for 15 minutes.This mask making once in 7 or 10 days.

Kefir mask for oily skin
1 tablespoon yogurt and 1 tablespoon cheese.

Protein-apple mask
Take pureed 1 apple, 1 egg white.

Masks for normal skin Kefir mask

1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal.

Oil-yolk mask
Take 1 teaspoon of glycerine, 1 raw egg yolk, one grated apple.All masks hold for 15 minutes, then wash off.

Nothing is so dry the skin, like a hot bath or shower.As a result of high temperature dilates blood vessels, and this leads to that the skin much moisture evaporates.Those who have oily skin, do not take a hot shower.Cold water also has an adverse effect on the skin.It disrupts blood vessels and sebaceous glands, cold water treatments lead to dryness.You always have to take a warm bath or shower.For the body is optimal room temperature.

the winter is not forbidden to take a douche, it will give the skin firmness and elasticity, will have a beneficial effect on the body.But this does not need to take a shower in the morning and evening.

Once a week you need to take a warm bath with a decoction of herbs, relaxing and soothing essential oils.After this procedure, the water should be put on a body massage balm or moisturizing lotion.

The skin on the lips is susceptible to cold temperatures, it is very sensitive and very thin.And in the winter it requires special care.An indication of the right lip care and health indicators will be red border around them.If you properly care for your lips in winter, the skin of the lips appear fine wrinkles, the skin becomes dry and inflamed.

winter, special requirements for the composition of decorative lipstick, you need to use these lipsticks that contain large amounts of fat.Lip gloss is not necessary to use it.Every woman in the beautician should be chapstick in the cold season.It can be used as an independent cosmetic product protection and use as a base for decorative lipstick.
If the skin is very dry lips became necessary to use an emollient ointment.To this blend 10 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of beeswax, 7 grams of cocoa.In five minutes, apply on the skin of the lips this ointment, and then remove the remnants of the mixture with a napkin.

not refuse to spend the winter beauty treatments in beauty salons.They have to be systematic.Showing procedures such as compresses, wraps and massage.After the procedures do not go directly to the street, and spend more time indoors than, than in summer.

Now we know what folk remedies need care for a person in winter.No need to despair, looking in the window at the frozen winter landscape.If you put a little effort, you can turn the cold to their advantage and be able to resist him.Eat right, use vitamin complexes, Pick successful cosmetics and you will achieve unprecedented success.Feel happy, and then you will be at any time of the year to look perfect.

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