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How to apply face cream

Rule "Pea".

Often ladies are wondering about how much money should be used to care was more effective.There is only one rule to remember: the amount of money used to be equal to that of a simple pea.

And not to err in size, take and twist fingers ordinary pea and you're sure to remember this amount.Take the right tool, put it on one palm and fingers of the other hand spray on the skin.Distribute it evenly, starting from the forehead, then put it on the cheeks and chin skin.Then the funds are distributed lightly towards the temples.Thus applied mainly protective and creams for daytime use.

Rule "Warming up".

This rule must be followed when using a thick consistency and greasy tools, which have a heavy structure.Take the cream (quantity - about a pea), put it in one hand, and the fingers of the other hand rub his stirring.The heat of your fingers means to do much more pliable, easy to apply, its viscosity decreases.This means it will be easier to put, and it is easier to be absorbed.

Rule "Indentation".

third rule should be followed if you use cosmetic oils, thick lotions, usually made in Japan.Recruiting tool in the palm of his left hand, his right hand presses and allocate funds between palms, as evenly as possible, and then presses the palm with the means to face, as if trying to push into the skin of oil or lotion.We need to do some similar movements all means appeared on the skin of the face.Very often on the instructions of the board of cosmetics write that this tool is not necessary to rub the skin or rub it.Rule indentation just perfect for such funds.

Rule "driving."

This way you can apply the cream, tonic and other means.Means only need to drive, pre-clearing the skin.Few funds pour into the palm of his left hand, and the fingers of the right hand pick up a little money and carefully trying to drive it into the skin.If you skin is not of the type sensitive, driving the movement of funds in the skin can be more intense, it can even be a little pat.Thus, the blood flow will be enhanced in tissues of the upper layers of the skin, which will improve its toning.

Rule "Massage."

All of these methods can be supplemented with an effective massage.One can thus use the aromatic oil.For example, you apply it using the indentation and then ends the procedure a good massage.The movements used in massage, to help better and faster to absorb any means.Massage should be done with two hands.Movement during a massage should be carried out from the middle of the face to the sides: to the temples and ears.Massage can be completed when the skin is completely absorbed agent.

Rule "5 points".

This method is used when applied to assets for a long time, but until now he has not lost relevance.Many cosmetologists are advised to resort to this rule is when you use any cosmetics.According to this recommendation, you need to take a little money to the amount did not exceed the amount of a pea, and spread it on five main points of the face.Start with the chin, followed by a point on the nose, cheeks, and then, finally, on the forehead.It was only after the allocation of funds to these points need to cover all means face.

This method is relevant for the application of masks, because this rule will help distribute the same amount of money all over the skin.But when applied to assets necessary to avoid the lips and eyes.We must not forget that the mask does not need to be pressed to the skin or to drive them.They are applied on the skin lightly, as if the painting brush.Only soft and careful movements suitable for delicate and uniform distribution of masks.

Rule "Timer".

Subject to this rule, it is not necessary to note time and strictly abide by it.Nevertheless, we should not forget that the summer a variety of means, including the cream can be applied even before leaving the house, but the winter must pass a bit of time after the application of funds for the skin, before stepping over the threshold of the house.Time must pass, and after applying the funds night until we go to bed.This period should be about two hours.When will take place this time, you need to remove remnants of cloth means, because cosmetologists do not recommend keeping Night nourishing cream on the skin throughout the night.When we sleep, all the moisture out of the cream, and cream forms an airtight film, which could lead to the expansion of blood vessels, skin redness, peeling it.The result in the morning may not be a fresh face rested a man and a mask with a tired and unhealthy skin.

Keep in mind that the nutrients found in creams, are beginning to work in an hour and a half after we paid money, so it is necessary to remove the surplus to free our skin to "breathe".

If you observe these simple but effective rules, you can achieve the highest return on assets for the care of your skin and the result is sure to please you and will cause envy of others.

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