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What can you tell us about the color of your hair?

Legally Blonde

Many stereotype that blondes are stupid and naive in nature.However, it is not so!On the contrary, people with natural light color hair, have an analytical mind, imagination, judgment and the ability to sober calculation.This is most likely a phenomenon caused genetically, as the blond type for many years been shaped in the northern regions of the planet, endowed with a resolute character, Nordic exposure and a certain degree of stubbornness - all this is the result of living in harsh, climatically unfavorable conditions.

So why gentlemen prefer blondes?Yes, everything is very simple.Girls that look like Barbie dolls seem, at first glance, quite gentle, vulnerable, in need of care and attention.Plus image of sweet and sexy Marilyn Monroe makes many men rest.Blondes cause in men is not only the desire to possess them, but also a desire to care for, protect and nurture them.Many owners believe light shag silly and mediocre, but that's the stereotype rather than the truth.Often behi

nd the mask naive, deprived brains doll hiding prudent, with a certain amount of arrogance and calculating person, knows exactly what she wants from life and how to achieve it.Man realizes only after the wedding, so the number of divorces is with the owner of blond hair unusually large.

haired beast

In the past owners of the fiery hair was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.Girls with red hair were persecuted by the Inquisition.Prostitutes stained his hair red in order to be identified in the image of a man with a passion, they could give them.

Like all unusual, extraordinary and rare, red-haired girls are enjoying the incredible attention from most people.About them can walk the incredible variety of rumors and speculation.Red color is attractive, enticing and, in some way, even dangerous, as it is associated with the flame, often burns everything in its path.With fire trifled with!

On Earth only 2-3% of the population - redheads.They have a cheerful disposition, have boundless energy and passion for life, a reputation for being cheerful joker.Beauties with this shade of hair considered a femme fatale, can decorate and diversify the life of any man.The reason for this love of life American scientists to develop in the body called redheads stressoobrazuyuschih small amount of hormones.

Blacker eyes

If the blond woman's dream, the mystery brunette woman.Individuals with black hair are quite temperamental and explosive.For such violent outbursts often hidden dissatisfaction and insecurity.In the soul as holders raven hair quite melancholy and prone to soul-searching.Brunette most others addicted to religious trends and practice a variety of psychological practice.So, choosing his companion brunette, do not treat it with disdain or too lightly.It you can not forgive!

shateny - invisible people?

haired, unlike their fellow with a bright, memorable hair color often can and does nothing to stand out from the crowd.Such people are in most cases are uncommon appearance, but it has such advantages as the poise, composure, resistance to stressful situations.Realizing that with the help of their appearance, they are unlikely to achieve the desired, shateny attract attention to their inner content and charisma.People with chestnut hair color to all their positive qualities may add and communicate, "live" the mind and intelligence, helping them to find a way out of seemingly stalemate.These qualities help them in personal life and career.

So, we decided that all the same hair color affect our temperament and our behavior in life.Number of hormones inherent individual with a particular hair color, their effect on our nervous system and our inner spirit.What happens to people who have decided to paint your hair a different color?Is brunette blonde became immediately begin to grow through the ranks and cease to indulge in despondency?You want to check?Color your hair!