Skin care face and hands

We will tell you some simple ways to care for the face and hands.
First and foremost, we must remember that the skin needs protection.Whether it's a hot sunny summer or rainy and windy spring and autumn and frosty winter blizzard and all speaks for itself his harsh temper.In any weather you need to use nourishing and protective creams, but they need to choose, taking into account the time of year, for example, in the summer of the cream should not be too bold, in its composition desirable UV - filters, and most importantly, it should be light texture.In spring and summer, the cream should contain a lot of vitamins, as the season changes in the weather, leading to thinning and aging of skin.In winter allowed the heavier texture of the cream and the main whim skin during this period - humidification as frost and wind led to the dryness.

Do not forget that every cream application implies that the skin is good and well cleaned.Use a cleanser with special means, the main thing that they had a neutral PH, or
at least not too high.After washing, be sure to wipe the face lotion or tonic, it will invigorate your skin, then you can already apply the cream.

In addition, we need to use masks and scrubs, as they are perfectly cleanse the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis and remove dead skin particles.Importantly do not overdo it, enough 2 times a week.

your hands, too, should know that they are remembered.Of course, the most beloved of this purification procedure using trays.They may be on grasses, oil or simply on soda or salt.All of their incarnation, it is extremely useful and gives undeniable effect, as it instantly.Baths should be done at least once a week, and preferably more often, alternating the ingredients contained in them.After baths sure to wipe your hands dry with a soft towel.Then apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream.Its effect immediately after purification is greater.

Do not forget about the scrubs and masks for hands, good shop windows are filled with a variety of proposals to maintain your beauty.Here is the recipe

universal masks for hands: Apply a thick layer on your hands greasy cream, put on top cellophane gloves, and on top of another and warm mittens, keep this mask better within 12 hours, such as overnight, then rinse with warm water, thenSpread hand moisturizer.

mask from any of your existing useful and cream for the face, simply apply the cream as a thick layer of the skin itself absorbs the right amount of nutrients to it, remove the residue with a cotton swab.

The main thing that you must remember is that it is impossible to carry out cosmetic procedures is less than an hour before going outside, as the water cools the skin, and imminent, it will not be comfortable, but the desired effect will not be achieved.

modern cosmetics are not only a decorative function, hide the shortcomings, but also have medicinal properties.Use them, have fun, because manufacturers so gently and carefully introduced into the composition of the substance to help preserve the beauty of women.

Always remember that skin care face and hands, it is a necessary procedure, and requires persistence.The face and hands is your business card, so their status must be at the highest level.The skin should glow from the inside, great!And tell everyone around that you are young, beautiful and deserve the best!