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How to dress properly during pregnancy

But much of it do not worry, few simple tricks will help you become a fashionable mom.Let's talk first about how to dress properly during pregnancy.

During this period, important to wear the same clothes to wear before, do not change your stylistic habits.If you love black, and feel in such clothes comfortable and confident, then do not change it to another, just because you are pregnant.Prefer one-color clothes, then choose neutral colors such as gray or khaki.You can create a color on the basis of a new wardrobe.If you do not like bows and other girly things you can enjoy, as has already passed the time when any one thing for pregnant women could not do without such decorations.Arrange the revision in your wardrobe.

Any woman in her wardrobe save up a few things on the case she will dial a few extra kilos.It is you help out in the early months of pregnancy pants with an elastic band and stretch skirts, as well as free top.

can show a little ingenuity and a couple of months to extend the life of you

r favorite jeans.Pull the rubber band through the hole for the button, then wrap it around the button-fastening.In this way you will have a few centimeters of space.In the store you can buy a rubber belt and wear it over jeans at the waist, while they can not zip up.If you wear a long shirt, it will hide the sly revision.

tops with high-waisted, tight skirt combined with a free shirt or a trapezoid-shirt, perfectly accentuate your new shape.For those women who do not hide their situation, but rather want to emphasize it, we can recommend a low-slung pants at the hips, and to them close-fitting T-shirt.In addition, the clothing from falling or stretch fabric will last you up to the birth.

Can rummage in the wardrobe of her husband.A perfect complement to the tight T-shirt and jeans, can become one of his shirts, you'll be wearing an unbuttoned form.To make this style more feminine, wear bracelets and necklaces.

When ordinary clothes will seem too small, but you're not ready for the transition to a full dress for pregnant, buy cheap pants and blouses that are two or three sizes bigger than your own.Now a lot of shops that specialize in selling clothes for larger women.There you will always find yourself any clothes as a transition, and women in late pregnancy.

If you buy clothes for pregnant women in early pregnancy, first you it will be too great, and then will close.You will spend the extra money and upset.

Modern future moms not uncommon flaunt their bellies, dressing up in fashionable clothing that fits snugly around the body.But this is for a good reason.Such clothing is better emphasizes the outlines of the figures than free.

If you have long, gorgeous legs, you should not hide them under the ugly shapeless skirt, so feel free to wear any fancy clothes.

If you have beautiful hands, then wear a shirt with short sleeves.Put on a jacket with a deep neckline.To emphasize the beautiful neck will also cut jacket with.If you are pregnant, it does not mean that you need to wrap up from head to foot in shapeless clothes.

holistic way to create an ensemble, sustained in any one color.To dilute the monochromatic palette, you can resort to a bright accessories, throw on a scarf or wear jewelry.

in pregnant women are much more intensive metabolism and increased on average by 20%, so when others are cold, a pregnant woman is hot.In cold weather, under a sweater poddevat shirt and turtleneck perfectly with a beautiful leather jacket.However, not get carried away excess layers give you a sloppy appearance.Check out the special sweaters for pregnant women.

There are accessories that help transform such clothes in fashion and unique outfit.For example, if you replace the massive beads necklace or a light silk scarf, it can be transformed very ordinary black dress.Even if you spend a little money on some chic accessories, do not worry much, since you'll be wearing them and after childbirth.

To revive monochrome ensemble, wear bright jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet of turquoise.

To give your image originality, pick up her purse to match your stylish footwear.

casually thrown over the shoulders of a sweater or a colorful scarf can be a bright accent.

What kind of clothes you wear or do not try to wear their regular bras.Better feel and look you in a comfortable clothes, no matter, are going to just relax at home, sitting on the sofa or spend time in some nightclub.The main thing is that it never pricked or grated.Do not forget that during pregnancy the chest, sometimes up to a third the size, so choose a bra with at least two rows of hooks, they will give the opportunity to adjust the coverage.

not have to buy special bras, enough to buy two new bodice and then, if necessary, buy more more.In addition, it is advisable when buying a bra in the fitting room to invite the seller.They are well versed in their products and help you find what you need, in style and size.

If you love to shorts, do not forget to pay attention to the briefs covering the navel.You can buy a heat-bikini, but more for a few dimensions, and gum should be lowered under the sprawling belly.

We have presented to you a few tips on how to dress properly during pregnancy stylish ladies.However, not every woman can update your wardrobe with being in an interesting position.But, anyway, you still have to purchase at least one comfortable and fashionable thing which you yourself will feel much more confident.

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