Dependence on shopping: a passion for shopping

So how does reliance on shopping revealed how a passion for shopping is associated with our complex?

First we need to understand the causes of the appearance of the disease.So, to get rid of the problem forever, let's look at its root.Let us be clear once and for all, how it starts and what it was that passion related.

Initially, signs of excessive shopping is not so noticeable.Just a woman, over and over again, buying different clothes and shoes for your enjoyment.She likes to please themselves every time a new blouse or beautiful earrings.But, over time, the lady says that begins to happen that something was wrong, and her passion for shopping increases.She wants to get rid of the habit of buying and nothing comes out.She begins to be afraid that can not get rid of his obsession.The woman realizes that she needs to buy home products or things of prime necessity, but instead acquires or dress shoes.It turns into addiction.Each time, the lady promised myself that this will not happen, and it will tie

with shopping forever.But nothing happens.She understands that buying things is meaningless, because it does not even wear everything.But stop it can not.Here also comes the understanding that everything has become dependent, which is necessary to put an end once and for all.

So why do people take such a passion for things?Why are they so often destroys passion for shopping?In fact, the cause of the problem is disclosed, and it lies in our subconscious.First of all, this woman can not refuse sellers.Perhaps she was too shy or too kind.The consequence of this and becomes her inability to say a firm "no", take off her clothes and leave the store.Girls of this type is very experienced and do not like to deny retailers because they believe that in this way may disappoint them.It is these people are perfectly elementary psychological techniques used by managers and vendors to promote their goods.Also disclosed is another reason shopogolizm.It stems from the fact that a woman could not buy something in childhood and adolescence.Many of us have experienced a crisis, deficit, famine years of perestroika.So we've got a desire to get everything that once was.That is why female shopaholics often buy things in order to prove the seller: I've had enough, and have the money for it and I can buy whatever I want.

shopaholic, buying another thing, do not satisfy the physical and emotional needs.They enjoy the process of selection and fitting, communication with the seller.If the store is also a cozy atmosphere, nice music and good sellers, it is undoubtedly a woman come out of there with a bunch of unnecessary things to her.Modern retailers have learned to be quite unobtrusive and, at the same time welcoming.Therefore, many buyers see them as little friends.In this case, you need to put a big plus modern Russian marketing.But, of course, it does not help a shopaholic.Their problem is often associated with the behavior of store employees.

What can we do to get rid of the disease and a thirst for shopping.Firstly, shopogolizm often suffer those girls who are deeply complex and are insecure.From childhood, they do not like, and they are trying to please everybody.Of course, for them it does not always work.And here on the scene appears a smiling salesman who says compliments, listening to the conversation, and even support.Naturally, she subconsciously begins to see in him a friend.And friends, we do not offend them or refuse help.Therefore, when the dealer starts to praise the thing and offer her a lady, she was afraid to refuse him not to hurt and not to lower his self-esteem.In this situation, the girl does seem that the seller refers to it in a special way, and it just does not have the right to insult and offend his refusal.Therefore they return to new and new purchases.In this case, you must learn not to deceive ourselves.Seller listens and speaks to you because they need to sell the thing.Naturally, it can be a good person, but you are for it, no one's behavior - no more than a technique by which you can sell this or that thing.So if you know that get a lot of respect for the sellers, remember one thing: you will not be rude and not rude - it means respect.But, at the same time, you have the right to choose and do not have to buy something, just to please others.Never assume that the seller will think badly of you or say something.If he is a normal person, I always understand that your choice is not dependent on his personal qualities.If this person is troubled, that should not concern you.He will, no one no one would.You can no longer go to the store and never come across him on the street.Furthermore, the seller is likely to forget about you immediately as soon as the door will go New User.So whether or not to worry and get nervous because of it.

Also, do not need to worry about what the seller thinks if you can not buy something.It is for you to prove to anybody and it is something you also do not have to.Try to deal with your complexes, which were laid in childhood.You do not have to win the love of strangers and something to prove it.Remind yourself that you are a self-sufficient person who has friends and relatives who love him and appreciate.A shop obviously do not feel this to you.Therefore, you also do not have to love them and help them.

If you do not get yourself to convince yourself that you are very charming and attractive, and you do not need to look for love in front of people, then, should still seek the advice of a psychologist.In fact, there is nothing strange, terrible and shameful.Such a person will just help you to overcome the complexes that lead to psychological problems with loved ones appearing on the basis of your thoughtless wastage of material.