Oobnovlenie contents of his wardrobe

Learn how to "work" with the contents of her wardrobe

What is important to consider when updating the contents of the lady of the wardrobe?- Of course, on the order of it.So, if your intention is to update the clothes in her wardrobe, remember that here, first of all, it is important first to put it in order.And to be more precise, the ladies need to take a hand to those things that they already have.These things need to be broken down into three piles: a pile with casual clothes, clothes for the exit, and clothes that no longer hurt to throw away from sin.The latter can be safely attributed stack things that have long been out of fashion and no longer relevant: the old, stretched and lose their appearance and clothes just something you do not like and do not want to wear.But with the clothing that was left, you will need to do the following: remeasure all this and combine with each other, and already only then you can safely think about exactly what clothes is not enough in your not afraid of this

word, "smartarsenal. "

After this revision, you can make for yourself a list of things that you absolutely need.By the way, buying new things, think about those that you left, because they must be combined with each other, so you can easily combine them.Well, if you have any favorite brand, wardrobe update will bring you a lot of hassle.Such clothing is very well combined with each other and the whole dozen boutiques do not have to go, just go to the one where the brand is sold.If you do not have a favorite brand, then you need to think about how best to choose a harmony between sets.

Once you understand with the basic stuff (clothing for each day), you can safely proceed to the study of orders to leave "in the light."Dress cocktail, evening dress, party dress - remember, it all depends on your image and your life.

aware that when you update the wardrobe you need to set a clear rule to help you choose clothes exclusively for its individual style, which you will go.

Everything old overdue ...

So when updating your wardrobe should pay attention to those things that you have not worn.These things can be a little fix and they will look no worse than the new ones.For example, a long skirt can be shortened, cut the sleeve in a blouse and jacket on the buttons to change ... Well, if you, plus everything else, you just "you" with a sewing machine, you just priceless.Stitched on the spot or hole the original applications, nasheyte on rhinestone jacket or coat unfashionable make fashionable coats.Remember that the ability to sew can help revive the lady of your favorite thing and raise it yourself attitude.And if you do not know how to sew, you'd better make your tailor that you certainly will help "to attach the sleeve vest."

addition to all the above, you can repaint his clothes in a different color or shade, but it is better to consult a specialist and do not venture into the home.

great buy

If you are one hundred percent conceived to touch the contents of your wardrobe and update your thing you should think about saving their money.Overstock - it is what you need to think seriously about the ladies.Many trendy boutiques such methods are a permanent price reductions "chip".For example, at the end of the week, month, season.But the most ambitious kinds of sales can be observed on the eve of holidays.Of course, there is a minus, which is associated with the loss of time in search of the most sales and promotions.But to help you save your time will the Internet.That's where you'll find sites that specialize in discounts, sales, promotions, and so on.It is because the contents of these websites you can find for themselves the most favorable offer in your city.By the way, subscribe to this site - it is a guarantee that you are the very first learn about where and how you can save your money.

Discounted items - this is another way to update a wardrobe without a tangible impact on the wallet.Most often, shops utsenyayut those things that have remained in one or more copies of the total batch.In any boutique you can ask yourself about things that you can offer at very competitive discount.By the way, so very profitable to buy fashionable clothes, which a year later would lose its relevance.Also at the end of the season you can buy the things that are designed for long-term wear.

By the way, forget about online shopping second-hand is also not worth it.There can sometimes be found very high-quality and exclusive clothes at affordable prices.Clothing that is Second Hand, usually of good quality and sewed some good companies.If even some of the things you find a marriage or a defect, you can refer to the tailor that will eliminate this problem.In addition, there are second-hand, which sells clothing elite, the truth, and it is expensive.Plus all these things is that they can last you a lot longer than those bought under the label "new thing."

Now you can see that in order to update your wardrobe, it is not necessary to spend all their savings and change totally your style of dress.Quite a bit to show their imagination, perseverance, and you are sure to please yourself brand new little things!Good luck and a pleasant shopping!

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