Santa Claus for a loved kid

The homestead Santa Claus for a loved kid there are several different tour programs for different age groups of children.There excursion "Extraordinary stories of Santa Claus", during which children in a fun way learn about folk traditions and rituals of the New Year, of the image of Santa Claus and his foreign "colleagues".There is also a program "The Journey Begins", where children together with leading animators are on the trail of fairy tales, fun performing game tasks.In addition, you can meet and talk with Santa Claus for a loved child and the Snow Maiden and watch a theatrical performance.

However, in the New Year's Eve itself any excursions and holidays are not carried out.In order to attend the New Year's ball, or watch the fireworks have to choose other destinations.

from the forest

where he lived Santa Claus from the date of his birth is not known.However, it is well established that 10 years ago in 1998. My grandfather settled in the Vologda region, 5 km from the Great Ustyug.The ch

oice fell on this place is not accidental, because it is very long winter, and the city retains all the splendor of ancient architecture.The high tower of Santa Claus lost in the pine forest.Near the Terem settled and small wooden houses where travelers and guests can stay "quartered" in comfortable rooms.The leisure center has a sauna, swimming pool, billiard room.Each guest is required to hand over a small gift made in a fabulous studio fiefdoms.By the way, parents and children can try their hand and work in the magic shop, creating gifts with their own hands.In addition to exploring the Santa Claus for a loved child, guests will New Year's ball, sleigh rides pulled by horses, fireworks and New Year festivities.In addition, you can visit the Great Ustyug himself - a unique city-reserve.


Think in advance about what to say to your child, if he doubts the existence of Santa Claus.How long will you dissuade him that this fairy tale character?This Santa Claus for a loved baby, and should look for real.

Santa supervised

Not so long ago the post office of Santa supplied webcams and now thousands of children from around the world can watch as Santa and his helpers in on-line mode during certain hours answering children's letters to the specializedOnline.It will be interesting to see is even for adults!

New Year in the Western manner

However, it can happen that you do not want to visit the Russian Santa Claus, and a descendant of St. Nicholas, Santa Claus?Then you and the kid waiting for an exciting journey into the snow-covered Lapland.Residence Santa is located 8 km from the town tion in Finland.Santa Claus Village includes Santa's house, office, shops, shopping center, restaurant, puppet theater, amusement park and a fabulous palace, where there is a hall of rock crystal and puppet circus.Everywhere hosted gnomes - helpers of Santa Claus.

Freeze will not have time

Santa seats each child on his lap and begins questioning: how to learn, whether you listen to my mother, and finally necessarily finds out about a gift of dreams baby.Parents listen attentively to a welcome gift was under the Christmas tree.In the village of Santa, you can ride a snowmobile, enjoy gingerbread bakery Mrs. Santa Claus (it turns out that Santa has a spouse!), Learn how to manage reindeer.You can visit the arctic zoo, to see the show in the puppet theater, ride the rides and dinner in an ice restaurant, where all the interior is made of ice and snow.And the final chord of the trip will be the northern lights!

Letter grandfather

By the way, Santa Claus or Santa Claus, you can write a letter and a gift order.The letter enclose a gift (of course, that the child about anything not guess), who wants to get the baby.

at the residence of Santa Claus sent you a gift you arrange, write the answer and would be sent back.Receiving letters grandfather and become a real fairy tale gift for baby!Santa Claus for a loved kid exists in his imagination - it is always necessary for him to speak.

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