Save vivid memories of tender age

Glossary citations.

Keep a separate notebook or a file on your computer, which will write citations of his little wiseacre.First it will be single words, phrases, and then there will be the first interesting offers.Very nice highlight individual words or sentences that made laugh your whole family (for example: "Mom, now you're big, but I'm a little, and then I'll be big, and you - a little").It can also record various funny situations.Here is one of them: the kid treats baby pictures my dad, who is sitting on a tree.Kid asks, "What do you got there?" Dad proudly replied: "I climbed up there, I'm Superman."A little thought, the son replied: "If you were Superman, you have arrived there."Also in this glossary you can capture the words that your child come up with myself.

treasure chest.

To make it, it suffices to find an appropriate box (if desired, it can be decorated like a magic chest).And then gradually fill it memorable, expensive heart of things.This could put your pregnancy test

with the cherished two stripes, the first photo baby with ultrasound bracelet that cling mother and baby in the hospital, the first cap crumbs, shoes in which the baby took his first steps, his beloved pacifier after the first lock of hair clippers, a postcard from her grandmother's birthday or the first drawing in the style of "kalyaki-Malaki."And a valuable gift to the eighteenth birthday or wedding day ready.

personal website .

If you have a home computer connected to the Internet, you will be able to create a website of their child.However, this process will take time and will require certain skills and knowledge.Instructions on how to create a website to be found on the Internet (enter in a search engine query "how to create a website?" And you get a huge amount of tips).You can create a page of your baby, using ready-made templates.It takes quite a bit of time and a lot easier.On the site you can create labels of height and weight, keep a diary, upload photos and more.

Drawings baby.

Create a special album of children's drawings.Each masterpiece kid sure sign: date the creation of a "work of art" and leave a brief comment.You can also start a tradition of gift giving for the holidays grandparents instead of postcards pictures of the young artist.Then the baby's masterpieces will be stored not only in the home archive.

prints handles.

to remember what the young were once arms and legs of your baby, make their prints.For example inks on paper.Spread the bright colors of her hands and feet of the child and attach them to a piece of paper.Do not forget to sign the masterpiece and put the date on it.Make prints regularly every six months or once a year for my birthday, so that you can trace to it as a kid growing up.The process of creating such a memo will surely delight toddler.A grown child will certainly be interesting to see what little was his pen in his childhood.

Photos and wheels.

Photo Player is no surprise.Every mother is trying to make it as fully as possible to the grown up child could see myself at almost any age.And that album was interesting, try to fill it not only staged images, where all decorously standing in front of the lens and the pose, but with unexpected funny photo.Also, photos can be stored on a beautifully decorated gift drive, a photo of your baby on the disk and the box.If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can order a special photo studio.

There are many ways to keep the fond memories of a tender age, and you can come up with some of his.The main thing - do not be lazy and carefully collect all the memorabilia.And believe me, after a few years they will bring you a lot of pleasant moments.