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Biography Actress Larisa Udovichenko

beginning of the story of the actress in the spring of 1955.Birthday Larissa - 29 April.By the way, Udovichenko was not born in Russia.Her life began in Vienna.The fact that his father was a military doctor Larissa.That's why the family Udovichenko from time to time moved from place to place.My mother was a housewife actress, although her biography notes that she graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema.However, due to the fact that her husband was in the military, she was not able to pursue art professionally.But, nevertheless, the woman has retained a strong attachment to the theater, so Larissa since childhood with his mother attended theatrical performances.Rather, it is largely thanks to my mother, Udovichenko became one whom we see it now.

addition to the theater, Larissa loved since childhood sport, namely gymnastics.It is professionally engaged in the sports section, but when and Sports, and the theater began to take too much time, the girl had to make a choice.Theref

ore, it has ceased to be engaged in gymnastics and fully devoted herself to acting.In ninth grade Udovichenko came to VGIK.Home

great way to popular actor studio created at the Odessa film studio.Soon, she dropped one of those happy occasions that fall quite a few young actors.The girl noticed the director Pavlovsky, who was going to shoot the film "Happy Kukushkin."It was there that Larissa played her first, and immediately the leading role.Her character was the schoolgirl Lyudmilochka.A year later, the newly Larissa got to the set.This time she got the role in the film "Julia."However, here it has played only in the episode, but in any case, it was an interesting experience, an opportunity to try my hand and improve acting skills.

When Larissa graduated from high school, she went without hesitation to Moscow.On the girl he may have been completely confident in choosing their future career.She could only do.Higher educational institutions that Larisa has set for itself, became VGIK.She passed her exams and got on a course to Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova.She just started to learn and it was again invited to the set.It's hard to argue with the fact that young Larissa really lucky.Few succeeded, almost without the necessary education, three years in a row to appear in various scenes.This time, Larissa won the role of a selfish and narcissistic girl Gali from a wealthy family in the film "Mothers and Daughters".

Larissa really lucky with the roles, but of course, this would not have been if not for her talent and the ability to play as a dramatic and comedic roles.Another picture, in which she starred in a short time, became unforgettable and liked the film "The venue can not be changed."There Larissa got the role of Manka-bonds.If we talk about a very serious and thin films, in which he played Larissa, among them are the painting "Valentine."This film belongs to the category that is completely helps to reveal the talent of the actors.Therefore Larissa always been grateful for the fact that she was able to fulfill a role in this film.It is worth noting that Larissa was always very feminine, which could seem to many weaknesses.So many of her character were not strong and positive, and weak or negative.But, nevertheless, Larissa always been able to give them individuality, making multi-faceted, explain why they are just, and open them in a kind of light, a positive that they received from most actresses.Udovichenko often adjust roles, and they from it only became more vivid and memorable.

worth noting that Larissa played in dramas and comedies.There are many excellent movies with her participation.These include, for example, "Tartuffe", "Woman for All", "sit well", "What a wonderful game."Larissa looks surprisingly naturally starring cute adventurers.By the way, she never played in those films where there was violence and cruelty.Udovichenko intentionally to give them up.One of the latest comedies, which became interesting for people of all generations, was the film "Shub-Baba Luda."This is a story about the school, students, teachers, parents.By the way, there was played Udovichenko daughter - Maria.However, Larisa reacted to her game quite critical, but still it was fun and a pleasure to work on-site with Masha.

Larissa also remembered by all lovers of the role of the private detective Dasha Vasilyeva.This series was made for the people.Of course, it is not a very deep and philosophical.But, on the other hand, it is under such paintings people relax and rest.Bright and cheerful Dasha Vasilyeva uplifting all.

Udovichenko always been cinema actress.Unlike many other well-known actors, she went to the movies and never stood on the stage.Yet, in the end, she took the stage in the play vitalliya Solomin.And I never regretted it.Larissa was equally talented stage actress, as well as cine.

Life actress - this is her daughter.With her husband divorced Udovichenko, but does not consider it a great loss.Woman happy that she has a favorite daughter, with whom she always tries to spend all their free time.She always says that her life was very, very successful.Udovichenko never discouraged and does not complain about destiny.This woman is always a spark of light and cheerfulness.Perhaps that is why its so fond of all generations.Simply, it is able to show all that in real life there is always room for joy and smiles.

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