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Biography of actress Valentina Talyzina

So where do you start?Perhaps we should start with the story of Valentina her birthday.Date of birth Talyzina - January 22, 1935.Biography of this woman started in the city of Omsk.It was there, and passed the first years of life, Valentina.Like all the people of that time in my life was a dark page Talyzina, which coincides with the years of the Second World War.When she was five years old, father of the actress went to the city of Baranovichi.It was there that the girl was when the war began.Remains forever the memories of bombings, destruction of buildings and that fear that people experienced when they saw in the sky Nazi planes.But the family of the actress was very lucky.The fact that they had to evacuate the day before entered the city by German troops.But, despite the fact that Vale was only five years old, she is so well remembered the horror and fear that war brings to people that has always expressed a negative attitude to this is not only in his personal life, but in his profession.

When hostilities ended and began a peaceful life, a little Valya gradually began to think over what she wants in life.For example, almost from the first class girl he is very fond of history.Surprisingly, the talented actress and did not think of in order to arrive at the theater.If the set of well-known actors of the future parents are forced to learn where they are not wanted, Valentina dreamed of a historical faculty.But to do it was not possible.Although this is probably for the best.It is not known, we would have seen it on the screen, to embody it in his youthful dream life.She decided to study in the economic field, but two years later I realized that it, humanities, this specialty is totally uninteresting.But that is where Valya started attending drama studio and very quickly became interested in the theater.She decided.What if it failed to become a historian, it must necessarily be an actress.In Talyzina opened the talents that she did not see for many years, and she was able to easily enter the GITIS.She left the native of Omsk and Moscow began her new life.

When training is over, and it happened in 1958, Valentine received a place in the theater of the Moscow City Council.It was there that she received the grandest experience in their professional life.However, it is not surprising, because the girl was lucky to be on the same stage with such brilliant women like herself Faina Ranevskaya and also Valentin Serov, Vera Marecki, Serafim Birman, Barbara Soshalskaya.These are taught actress Talyzina really acting, and the ability to play characters so that all believed in their sincerity and reality.Throughout his life, until today, Talyzina always with great appreciation and admiration she remembers that, in fact, gave her a start in life.Also Talyzina always been grateful to the head of the theater Yuri Zavadsky.Thanks to this man, Valentine was able to play its best role and unleash the amazing talent of the theatrical actress.But then there was a tragedy, Zawadzki and Valya died some time getting roles worthy of her talent.Odnakeo as everything bad there's always something good, strange as it may sound.It was then, because of the downtime at the theater, Valentine began to try in the movie.Perhaps precisely because of this it has become a favorite actress of millions of Soviet viewers.

Talyzina first sample in the movie can be called good enough.After filming "Zigzag of Luck" It has already become quite popular.In addition, it is on this set of beautiful actress has found friends in the face and Evstigneeva Burkova.They always went way, telling funny stories and sincerely cheerful as themselves and others.Then there were roles in "Big Change", "You is Taimyr" and "The Old Man and robbers."Valentine was happy with my career and I could not even think that it create one real star is not the main role and episodic.

this role was the role of the girlfriend Nadi so loved by all "Irony of Fate."But as we all know, not only played Talyzina itself, she is also overdubbed Barbara Brylska.The actress was too much emphasis to the Russians Nadia, a teacher of Russian literature.Talyzina has done with the role, although Barbara did not even thank her for the work done, although won the state prize.

way, Talyzina pereozvuchivala and the main character of the painting "The long road to the dunes."But Liddita Ozonina whose voice became Talyzina was very grateful, unlike Brylska, and even said that Talyzina sometimes say more pathetic than she played.

Generally, Talyzina pereozvuchivala many actresses.But it is also very often be seen on the screen.Valentina loved heroines, as they have always been sincere, deep and real.Valentine ever starred in a movie.Today it can also be seen in many soap operas.It continues to shine on the screen, and wherever she appeared, her heroine attract viewers and falls for them yourself.

As Talyzina personal life, she was married to artist Oleg Forgetful.And even though their marriage did not work out, Valentina remained beloved daughter Xenia.She, like the famous mother, also an actress and currently plays at the Theatre of the Russian Army.So, we can say the life of this beautiful woman has developed well and remains only to wish her good health and new interesting roles.