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Biography Seeds Farad

Father Semyon was military.When the boy was born, the family lived in Moscow Farad.His biography has begun the New Year, that is, the thirty-first December 1933.By the way, the real name of Simon, not Farad and Ferdman.Farad father died when the children were still very young, so, Semyon and his mother's sister was engaged.She loved her son, but Farad biography notes that he was very troubled and wayward character.Being an excellent student at school, the boy managed to constantly play pranks, get into fights, in general, do all that is always frustrating loving moms.

But, nevertheless, not to Simon got up, he was able to finish school with a gold medal.Man began to choose exactly what he wants from life.At that age, Faraday was not thought about art.He wanted to be like my father's favorite, so, submitted documents to the Panzer Academy named after Stalin.But all was not so easy as he wanted to.Of course, at the Seeds were excellent knowledge, but he needed a high physical training and, at least, the

second category of athletics.And with that, just the same and left problem.So the guy had to pick up the documents and think about the choice of a profession not related to military affairs.

Simon was so upset that I just sat down in the streetcar and went on the first available bus stop, where the school was.So it became a university named after Bauman N. Bauman.By the way, there is not much taking children that occurred not because of Russian families.Yet, Simon Faraday was able to do.Of course, everything turned out not so easy.For example, a guy wrote an essay in which there were no errors, however, the examiner for some reason found in the text as much as eleven.But here intervened loving mother Faraday, who was not going to put up with the fact that her son discriminated against because of nationality.She went to the Ministry of Education and has ensured that the work of her son was revised.So Simon and I got on EnergoMashinostroitelny faculty.

But despite the fact that Simon chose a profession that was in no way connected with the theater, the guy on the already attracted art.He was engaged in amateur circles, I went to the presentation.In fact, Faraday sometimes even thought about how to still go to the theater.However, this idea still was not substantive and, in the end, he chose another profession.The theater is still always remained in his heart.During training, the guy ever participated in the initiative.He was so fond of it that he began to miss classes.Of course, teachers are from this not happy.He even wanted to expel and then, suddenly, Man drafted.And he had to serve in the Navy, where the service lasted for four years.It would seem that at this time it was possible to forget about art.But not in the case of Farad.He was there on the scene.Farad played on the stage, and even had the opportunity to wear long hair, in contrast to all other soldiers, because it was necessary to him for the role.

After the service, the guy returned to Moscow.He was so pleased with their performances, he received two letters of recommendation: for Raikin and Zavadsky.Even then, Faraday could go enroll in a theater or try to settle in a theater.However, they discussed everything with my mother, and it was decided that the boy still to finish their education.After it happened, Faraday some time worked as a mechanical engineer.But even then he went to study in the pop studio school at Moscow State University.Along with him, while trained such wonderful and talented people as Khazanov, Filippenko, Rozovskii Filippov.

When the studio theater was closed, Faraday had to think about what he would do next.At the time, Semyon invited to Moskontsert and he soon became one of the winners of the competition entertainers.Also, Simon began to appear on television.At first it was a children's program "ABVGDeyka" where Farada portrayed sweet and kind, but very sad clown Senya.Unfortunately, he had worked there for a long time, since the authorities, quite simply, did not like his aquiline profile.

In 1972 Faraday began to play at the Taganka Theater.It is at this stage were played his best roles in famous productions.Farad worked in the theater for thirty years, and not once did not regret that went up on his stage.After all, the small fact that the theater gave him the opportunity to discover how talented and professional actors.It was there, at the Taganka Theater, Simon met his beloved.

way, Simon Faraday, before they came to the Taganka, had twice married, but his marriage was not happy.And here he met Mary Politseymako, they married and had a son, Michael.This marriage was a long and happy.Farad never complained that connected his life with this woman and felt that she really is his destiny.

course, Faraday not only a theater actor.All we can see him in many fine films.Such, for example, as "the same" Munchausen, "" Anticipation of Love "," Magicians "," Million a wedding basket ".Farad played a lot of interesting and memorable roles, which have remained in the hearts of fans forever.

When perestroika came to the country, and with it the low-grade movies, starring in a couple of them, Faraday realized he did not want to play and is moved away from the work.In addition, since 2000, he started having problems with his health.Seeds have had a stroke, after which he departed for a long time, then had fractures and other misfortunes.He was ill for a long time, but a number of Semyon always remained a wife, a son and a lot of true and good friends.

Died Simon Farad twentieth August 2009.

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