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Biography and creativity Leonid Utesov

Actually Utesova, initially, was a different surname.However, Leonid and it also will not name.The fact that his biography tells us that this man was from a Jewish family.Therefore, the biblical name of Leonid named Lazarus.A real name Utesova - Vaysbeyn.Biography of insanely talented man began in the solar, so special, unlike other cities, Odessa.In this city began or continued their work by many famous people.It was there that the people singing, moving, kind and cheerful.Here in this place, and was born of the cliff.And it happened ninth in March 1895.His parents named Osip Kalmanovich and Malka Moiseevna.

worth noting that Cliffs did not think a young age about the theater.Moreover, he is not interested in the boy.Growing up on the coast, Leonid dreamed of in order to become a sailor.But the older he got, the more thought about art.The guy even tried to study in the Commercial School Faig, but it did not work out because he did not have time in the subjects, and behaved far from exemplary.Leonid -

an example of a man who had so much talent that he had, in fact, did not need a teacher.He taught himself to play and sing, dreamed of becoming a conductor.But with discipline Leonid never evolved.The fact that he was very temperamental guy, rarely able to control his emotions.

But that never stop him from doing things you love.Already fourteen young man began to play in different bands. In addition, he used s l and s street m muses yy piping.The guy knew how to perfectly handle the violin and guitar. also , he used s if other talent s .Through them he came to the circus, where s stepped on the rings and trapezes.Then he was able to get to the theater.The boy on the b traveled with the troupe and booths all over Ukraine.By the way, Dr. Tor and when he began to speak on the stage, the actor Skavronsky, with whom he played the sketches, the guy advised to choose a nickname.Leonid long I thought about what I could come up with what has not been, and that will be remembered for people.He sat on the beach, looking at the cliffs and then it dawned.It became so Leonid Utesov.

And in 1917, started his career as a film actor Leonid.The first film was shot in Odessa.It was a picture of "Lieutenant Schmidt - freedom fighter" and "Trading house" Allies & Co ".After a successful debut Cliffs went to Leningrad to star in the film "Career Spirka stirrup," which came out on the wide screen in 1926.Leonid perfectly managed to realize the role of a rogue who could steal anything, anywhere.He played as can only play Odessa.His character was, and the brightness and showiness, and charm.He immediately won the hearts of the public and has become a national favorite.

Already on the next film "Aliens", it became clear that the Cliffs can be a wonderful dramatic hero.There he portrayed the Red Army, which came with a confession for what killed the woman.Cliffs able to disclose all the personal tragedy of his character.He opened his inner world, his relationship problems and dealing with people, and his daughter, with all those who surround him and affect him.This role was finally adopted the view that Cliffs is uniquely talented man, a real nugget, which is capable of playing a variety of roles in such a way that he believed all the critics and skeptics.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that Utesova was not very strong voice.Besides, still spoiled and Odessa accent.But this is what people like.Because, thanks to this, the Cliffs of his characters became very, very close to the people.And in those years, the Soviet art was directed precisely to ensure that as much as possible closer to the people and to influence it.That is why the film "Jolly Fellows" has become so popular and has received the award.By the way, rock is not particularly fond of his character, and he did not like the song.It was he who asked me to write something that would be consistent with his hero Kostya.So there was the well-known and beloved song "March of cheerful children."This is only the Cliffs not yet received any awards for the role, he was handed a very ordinary camera.But it was he who insisted on replacing the bad texts, helped in directing, searching for composers and poets.In fact, this film would never have become so if Cliffs did such a huge contribution to its creation.Therefore, Leonid was very upset because of the fact that all the award was directed by Alexander and Olga Orlova.

But nonetheless, whatever the award is not given, cliff anyway always a popular favorite and adored all his work.And all this thanks to its enchanting and talents.He was an actor and singer, and director and conductor, organizer, wonderfully recited and told different stories.Perhaps that is why people are so impressed with the performance that set the cliff.In it he played excerpts from Dostoevsky, and sang, and danced, and acted on trapezes.In this performance, Leonid showed absolutely all their talents.

Cliffs was very hedonistic, fun and friendly person.His life was really happy.Leonid was a beautiful wife, Elena.And although she passed away almost twenty-five years earlier than the Cliffs, all the years that they lived together, were cheerful and happy.Also Utesova was a favorite daughter, whom he idolized.

Leonid gone from the stage in 1966. After that, he took up photography, writing memoirs and chat with friends, whom he had set.Leonid Cliffs died on his birthday in 1982.With him goodbye thousands and thousands of people.