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Biography of actress Inna Chourikova

biography of this woman began near Ufa.Hometown Inns - Belebei.Born Chourikova - October 5, 1943.Life actress began not in an aristocratic family.In general, the biography of this woman might have been very different if not for her talent.The fact that the parents of Inna were not writers and actors.Family Chourikova had peasant roots.But her parents have made in life and science very much.Dad worked as an actress in the Agricultural Academy, he passed two wars.And my mother was engaged in biochemical research and a PhD.When his parents divorced, Inna, and her mother went to Moscow.It was there that she began to go to school and went to junior school at the Moscow Drama Theater named after Stanislavsky.The fact that living in the capital, Inna frequented the theater and soon realized that it is very interesting to see how the actors turn fantasy world in almost real.Inna realized that she really wants to do it.She liked to live in a fantasy world that's where she can independently becomes what he wants.

That is why, after graduation, Inna firmly decided that it is necessary to go on some sort of theatrical institution of higher education.She filed the documents and the Moscow Art Theatre and the Shchukin.But it received only Schepkinskoe school.However, Inna never regretted that she was destined to study in this university.In Chourikova were wonderful teachers and educators, whom she remembers all his life with gratitude and deepest respect.It is thanks to these people she was able to find his place in the profession and become such an actress, we all know it.

When she finished the study, it was nearly sent to Kamchatka.It's no secret that during the Soviet era all students distributed where they wanted.And it was very difficult once this fight and get rid of this fate.However, Inna, and I did not see this huge problem.She just wanted to play, and where it was already the second question.Yet, her mother had a more rational approach.She knew that in Kamchatka, in professional terms, the Innu are not waiting for anything especially good and promising.Besides, she did not want to let go so far her only child.Therefore Chourikova mother did everything to my daughter left in Moscow.

Inna went to work in the Youth Theatre.There she played or in the crowd, go to the various children's roles.But, over time, the critics noticed the young girl.This is due to the role in the play "In the prison wall."The fact that this performance was not the usual entertaining performances for children.The heroes in the play had a deep psychology, so Inna managed to uncover their talents and show that it can play not only in fairy tales, but also to perform rather complicated and serious role in the psychological and dramatic terms.

And in 1973, Inna Churikov was in Lenkom.There it invited a very famous and talented director Mark Zakharov.It is at the stage of this theater was recognized Chourikova as this theater actress.She played a very different role, revealing each of them so that the audience imbued with all the necessary emotions for the perception of the character.They empathized, angry, understand or condemned.In general, whatever it was, all the characters Ina always receive honest and real.She never replayed and did not look fake.It is so appreciated it Mark Zakharov.Ina plays in the theater ever since.But she often participates in the entreprise.

But, of course, we all know that Inna Churikov is not only a theater actress.She also starred in many Soviet and Russian films.The cinema Inna Churikov hit, Raicu played in the movie "Clouds over Bor".Then, it can be seen in the well-known to our audience films as "Walking the Streets of Moscow", "Elusive Avengers", "Thirty-three."Inna played very extraordinary women.She managed to combine them slightly from the clown, a little bit of the eccentric, but, at the same time, it remained a real heroine.They do not fall out of the culture and life of the people, it was clear to everyone.Inna Churikov really is a very eccentric actress who is best to work out just such a role.It can be both tender and tough, and, and the tragic and humorous.Not every actress can learn to combine in their characters these qualities together.But Inna is always turned on the five plus.

It is worth noting that the talent Chourikova, partly because more and thanks revealed director Gleb Panfilov.That he was shooting those films, the heroine of which is wholly suited Inn.Tandem actress and director has created a lot of interesting pictures.Of course, Inna was shot and the other directors.She had many interesting roles and Panfilov never forbade her to leave him professionally.But in the privacy of the occasion was not possible.The fact that each other have found not only the director and actress, but also a man with a woman.Panfilov Chourikova became husband and they live happily to this day.The couple have a son, Ivan.But he did not go in the footsteps of their parents and became a lawyer.

Today Inna continues to act.Soon it will be seventy, but it still remains young at heart.Inna said she was very happy man, thanks to her husband and son.The only dream that she had left - is to see their grandchildren and plenty of time to treat them.Everything else, which Ina wanted out of life, it has already received in full.