How to remove damage on their own

Such acts as the damage or the evil eye can also be interpreted as a simple self-hypnosis.It all depends on emotion, a person's world.Depending on these factors and select the desired method of how you can remove the black self-guidance.It is worth noting that such magical things have arisen since the time of ancient Russia, and even earlier.It was then that something very much believed in all sorts of damage, the evil eye, a variety of wizards, and so on. D. What can we say, because our human history, we can say, and is based on magic and witchcraft.Tom and there is evidence in the form of various fairy tales, fables and other.

of the traditions of different countries .In various places in their own ways, norms, traditions, to remove this black deed.Christians, for example, years ago, before the adoption of Christianity, the existence of magicians, sorcerers, witches was the same rate as now we have the existence of household, already familiar to us the art.That is why the ancient Ruthenians was coin

ed, organized a large number of ways to get rid, remove yourself damage.They invented for the occasion peculiar charms.For example, pregnant women are advised to wear a some red tape or red belt.The ancient Greeks even managed to carry the bones from an unusual "bird", whose name bat.In England, some people, as before, worn with a peacock feather, which is considered the most reliable way of spoiling.

purpose of black deeds .Before starting to take any action in respect of withdrawal, you must be completely sure that you really put things in it.After all, in most cases it turns out that a person's life just came a kind of "black bar", from which all the failures in your life.Just wonder and quickly found the presence of an act on you can use the ring.After such a ring or gold, or silver, on the cheek, you can see the line.If the lines are darker (starting with gray to black), it will mean that you someone still put the spell.And if the light or do not see any lines, you can live with peace of mind and not worry further.When the evil eye, or damage to, the person feels as if hard, helplessly sick.This "disease" may be accompanied by dizziness or headaches, and sometimes bleeding from the nose.For small ailments, we can say that it is a simple whammy.

take urgent measures .A simple method of removal of damage can be the use of various herbs such as stinging nettle, or St. John's wort.They are the most effective among the remaining grass in terms of removal of damage.It is necessary to brew these herbs, both individually and together.So you need to wash broth in the morning, immediately after waking up, and certainly before you go to bed.One should always carry the pin nose is better to send down to the ground to all the negative directed in your address, gone underground.Do not take other people's belongings, they are always human energy as bad and good.In particular, it relates to a toothbrush, comb, mirror, and the like.Be attentive about what surrounds you, even unintentional touching up your hair strangers, may result in exposure to dark forces.

good tool to remove damage is to use a simple wax.Melt it in any dish, pour it over his head into a glass of clean water (can be sacred) or better to ask to do it someone you trust.Having to cool it, take out and wrap it in a piece of paper.At midnight this mass should be buried in the ground, but only where almost nobody goes.In the case when their own is impossible to get rid of this disease, there are no visible improvements, better just go to church.But be sure to partake of and talk about my father feel unwell.He always listen, try to understand you and give necessary advice.

Whatever means you can not? answer to this question is the following, which should never try to return a way to direct the black act on another person.Even if you're sure that it was he who brought the magic on you.No need for revenge.It may happen that the worst may be just for you.It is better to shut out all possible, do not need to invite anyone back home, no guests.As the cleansing process involves total privacy.And to be in a society is not worth it, watch out his remaining strength.Clothing should be darker shades, no bright spots, not to attract foreign and without the extra views.Offended, save malice, hate the abuser, "sender" damage should not be.It is better to forgive him for this, so you can quickly deal with the "disease", and it's just bad for your health.

Let no one will ever be able to bring you damage.Suppose you will be surrounded by a bright and kind people.

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