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Guessing on conventional cards for beginners

popular cards steel, mainly because of its accessibility.Maps could be playing as normal and special designed specifically for divination and similar processes.Trying to see into the future, for centuries people have developed different types of card divination systems.Such a system can be an ordinary solitaire game, which is able to answer simple questions such as "wish will come true or not," or a more complex layout with simultaneous use of absolutely all the cards from the deck and revealing answers to the questions in full.Among the many methods of divination by cards, there are those that have attracted a lot of attention for the whole time of its existence, thereby designating himself as something special.Such fortunetelling systems have different names.For example, Madame Lenormand fortune telling or divination Ekaterinskoe got its name from the women who have contributed to their popularity.

Each card in the process of divination reflects the response of the suit and the image pattern.To inter

pret such a response can be different, depending on the Ouija system in which they are applied, and a vast number of specialized literature to interpret, which is currently available.But it is worth noting that some of the maps, regardless of the Ouija system interpreted the same or almost the same way - some of them even have long been entrenched concepts.An example is the "King of Hearts", which is embodied as a hero-lover or "Ace of Spades", which symbolizes the state house.Clean, bright, big love to read with the advent of the nine of hearts.The meaning of divination are not only the value of the separated cards, but their suit.So friendly forces to help in life, comes in the form of red stripes, "black", on the contrary, are associated with evil enemies and adversities.

images on maps are often intuitive, even far from the scope of this man, which makes guessing more attractive and easier.Anyone looking at the combinations, without any difficulties will describe the situation.Of course, a beginner is not as accurate as a professional of the case, but with constant use Ouija chosen system can be obtained indispensable and valuable experience, which subsequently will increase the accuracy of predictions and deployed.

In many cases, because the shape and image maps are simple, with numerology can advance for each card to fix a specific person or some situation in life.Thus, the interpretation of the combination of symbols is much easier.In addition, divination manner almost always gives a definite answer, but it will avoid misinterpretation dropped cards.The use of ordinary playing cards, unlike the rune divination or tarot cards, simplifies the process for newcomers because it eliminates obscure the results that may be difficult to insurmountable difficulty for a beginner.So, working with conventional cards is a good basic knowledge of the world in the way of esotericism and mysticism.

remains an open one more question: is it worth for divination borrow money or to do so on a voluntary basis?Many professional magicians and fortune-tellers of today, however, as experts in divination past, asked nothing for their services.However, freewill offerings are welcome.This principle is used in their work and some good doctors.But, according to experts, prices for guessing not tally with the specifics of this manipulation.