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Tasty and tender barbecue pork in yogurt

Pork with yogurt obtained a particularly gentle, soft and juicy.Marinade the meat gives pleasant aroma, eliminates the sharpness of spices, leaves a pleasant aftertaste.Pork kefir is easy to cook, because the recipe does not require a large amount of ingredients.

important point for a successful barbecue is properly selected meat.Pork should be fresh, not to make unpleasant smells.Ideally, it is worth buying the meat of a young animal.Push down on the finger piece of pork.If the dent is not recovered within a few seconds, the meat probably stale.The second important point - the choice of the pork.It is best to stay on the neck or clipping.This marinade will give a special flavor and any other part of the carcass.

Necessary ingredients:

  • pork - 2 kg
  • onions - 5 pcs
  • yogurt - 1 liter
  • basil - a few sprigs of
  • mineral water - 100 ml
  • tomato - 4 pieces
  • spices (coriander,sage, ginger, anise)
  • salt.

Method of preparation before cooking it should be noted that in the yogurt kebab pork should ha

ve a good brew in the fridge.The meat and onions have to let the juice, soak seasoning, marinade.So start cooking is at least 10 hours before the departure of the nature.It is best to marinate it in the evening.

Step Cooking:

  1. wash the meat under running water.Obsushivayut paper towels.Cut into chunks the same square shape of 3-5 centimeters.Fold in an enamel or glass container;
  2. cook meat on skewers

  3. clear the onion, wash under water.Cut into large chunks.I do not regret a bow, because it depends on the juiciness barbecue.One bulb can be cut very finely, or scroll in a meat grinder to get more juice.Wash and coarsely chop tomatoes.We send all ingredients in a bowl of meat;
  4. cut onions for a shish kebab

  5. finely chopped basil, add the spices and salt.Well mix the meat by hand, rubbing salt and spices.Then, pour yogurt and mineral water;
  6. seasonings for barbecue

  7. cover with cling film and send in the refrigerator;
  8. from the refrigerator.Before roasting again a bit add some salt meat.Strung on a skewer in turn: meat, onions, tomatoes.In the process of roasting can be watered skewers of pork marinated in yogurt.

To find out what barbecue is ready, cut a slice.If it implies the red juice, the meat is a little browned.If the juice is clear, skewers of pork ready kefir, and it can be removed from the barbecue.

practical advice to fans of outdoor recreation.When choosing firewood try to avoid poplar, aspen, rowan and fifth.This wood can have a very pleasant fragrance that is absorbed into the meat.To the table Pork Serve with green onions, radishes, cucumbers, peppers and sauce.

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