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Anti-stress massage of the head and neck

Anti-stress massage of the head and neck get rid of headaches

Stress - a reaction of the body and mind to external and internal pressure, which is due to some situation or event.The word "stress" is used when trying to describe the effects of events that violate the mental and physical well-being.Stress is a reaction to what is happening around us.Sometimes, to find harmony of body and soul, will be enough to take a break, relax and devote time to his rest.

Anti-stress massage is a relaxing and enjoyable technique to help ease the tension.During the massage, the mind and body relax, rest on many habits, concerns and problems.It helps to heal the body and soul, return inner harmony.

Anti-stress head massage

This massage is a great way to relieve stress.It is a science and art of massage is constantly adapting and changing.Massage techniques have evolved from simple, which provide relaxation and improve sleep, to complex methods that facilitate and deal with the disease.Massage is useful for sca

lp, it provides excellent relaxation and helps to dilate blood vessels.This massage is recommended to relieve stress, to get rid of headaches, to enjoy the tranquility, for maximum relaxation.In addition, it reduces muscular and mental stress.Another advantage

massage is that the neck and the head improves circulation.It helps with insomnia and, overload, sinusitis, migraines, reduces eyestrain, improves skin tone and mobility in the shoulders, neck and head.In good health of hair affects massage using vegetable oil as a head massage stimulates hair follicles to blood flow.And if you do it with special oils, it will contribute to the beauty and hair growth, prevent hair loss and removes dandruff.

Subtleties of massage

during anti-stress massage atmosphere should be calm and pleasant.It is important to completely relax, take a comfortable position and feel comfortable.Avoid further conversations, but if you want to say something, then it skazzhite soft tone.The person performing the massage should be sensitive and skilled hands.Head massage dorlzhen work out three deep level, moving from the surface to a depth of:

  • surface level - the skin.
  • Mid - subcutaneous tissue.
  • deeper level - the muscles.

For perfect results you need to do a circular motion, the ends of the fingers to keep the neck, applying pressure up and down.Then go ahead and do the same movements in the central part of the head, moving in the direction to face.Keep your hands on the sides of the head, thumbs place below the ears and fingers to massage.Circular movements of the fingers moving down the sides of the head and move his fingers.Thus to move until due to increased blood flow did not change the temperature.Then massage the whole head, moving down to the neck, then the shoulders.To get the best effect you need to do this massage 7 times a week.This massage is good to attack the effects of stress.It takes several minutes, but it brings great benefit.

neck massage need to eliminate the stress and remove tension.He also needed to ensure that the skin is always in good shape.Indeed, over time decreases the skin's elasticity, it becomes loose and covered with wrinkles.In addition to reducing stress, even a neck massage is important to for a long time to be young.

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