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Antivarikoznye foot massage

Conservative treatment of this disease is to exercise - be it swimming, long walks, therapeutic exercises;in the intake of vitamins and medications that strengthen the walls of veins;in reducing obesity.In addition, it is recommended to use a medical compression hosiery, which is designed specifically for the treatment of varicose veins.

Often the treatment is assigned as a massage aid.Antivarikoznye massage - productive and simple procedure helps to combat varicose veins.But it is necessary to know that the classic foot massage in our case is not suitable.Massage should be easy, gentle and effective.This massage will help relieve leg fatigue, and improve blood circulation.Doing massage must adhere to certain rules, the most important of them - massage movements should not cause pain.


massage for tired legs need to lie down for 5-10 minutes and pick up on pillows or other high place feet.This will improve venous outflow and a positive impact on the final result.Then you can start to massa

ge.Ankles tightly wraps his hands and produce, heading to the knee, stroking (10 times).Hands thus should slide smoothly, the skin should not be shifted.

Then go to rubbing shins.Triturated in a circular motion from the bottom up, starting with the easy movement 8-10 times, then go to the movements of a little touch on the veins.Pressing must be such as if you squeezed out of the vein extra volume of blood (do 8-10).Movement while more energetic and skin should budge.Again bowing tibia hands (thumb should be positioned on the one hand, and the rest should be on the other side of the lower leg) and gently begin to knead the muscles.We are moving from the bottom up to the knee (3-4).Massage finish as well as beginners - ascending stroking movements shin.

Next up on the thigh.Massage hips start with a similar exercise carried out in the same sequence, ie we start with strokes and move to the groin.To increase the therapeutic effect of the procedure is recommended to use with a massage protivovarikoznye ointment.Massage in total should last no more than five to seven minutes.After the massage, you need to take a horizontal position of the body and legs raised on a high place.Not standing up, if necessary, wear compression stockings or tights or tape up the leg.

Massage is best done in the morning after physical therapy and combine it with a massage of the lumbar spine, which is involved in the innervation of the skin, blood vessels and muscles of the lower extremities and foot massage.

there contraindications and limitations, can not be ignored.

varicose veins:

  • Massage prohibited from doing in the decompensated stage of the process, when there are complications of the disease - deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis, trophic disorders.
  • forbidden to make a vacuum massage, during which the use of glass or plastic jars.
  • Honey self-massage should be done with extreme caution.

Hand professional massage with emphasis on the lymphatic drainage component, along with self-massage of the above scheme - it is an excellent method of preventing the disease under discussion.Moreover, the main treatment is to serve as a good addition.However, before the massage is necessary to coordinate all the exercises with your doctor.This must be done to avoid the undesirable consequences arising after the massage.