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What if earache?

Causes of earache

most common cause of earaches - otitis media is such an inflammatory response accompanied by pain, pus formation.It develops with the flu and sore throats or on their own.If the ear canal get foreign objects and damaged mucosa, while developing otitis externa.At the entrance to the ear when you feel the pain and inflammation fester.

more difficult passes acute otitis media.He is accompanied by fever, pus, shot in the ear, severe pain.Acute otitis media develops in the nedolechennaya viral and respiratory infections.It is advisable to immediately contact your doctor, because at different stages of the disease prescribe different treatment.

How to treat ear?

quite difficult to get rid of the disease by the ears, no one doctor did not recommend you to do it.Wrong measures will lead to ill health and disease spill over into the chronic form.To carry out any recommendations you need to see a doctor for further diagnosis.

In mild sore ear otitis treated by heating.To do this, make

a hot compress - you need to invest in the ear cotton-gauze or gauze cloth that has been soaked in boric or camphor alcohol or attach a heated salt cellophane or tissue pad.It is advisable to press as closely as possible to your ear.

Otitis externa is treated by removing the boil, first sear the surface with iodine and then treated with peroxide.To avoid deterioration of inflammation nuzheno as little as possible to visit the street in cold weather.

contraindicated do warm-caries or acute otitis media.Since high temperatures only worsen the situation and accelerate the process of developing the disease.When purulent during ear disease need to go to the doctor, only he can do surgery and remove the pus.

In addition, it is necessary to take a course of antibiotics, because the cause of suppurative otitis media infections are considered.After removal of the pus, it is necessary to drip into the sore ear medications that get rid of harmful bacteria, and accelerating the healing process.You can not just drop into your ears, to the destination medication, it will deliver a gauze cloth.

What you need to do to you is no longer bothered by pain in the ears?

In most cases the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it.Try to protect your ears, not zastuzhat them, then they will not get sick.To do this, follow the simple rules - avoid contact with cold ears dirty water, not on the drafts in windy and cold weather wear a hat with a closing ears.

Since after colds developing otitis, you should not run its treatment.Prevention is cheaper and easier than cure it later.

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