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Treatment of inflammation of the women


establish the diagnosis adneksita not an easy task.At first, the woman sent a blood test, the results of which will determine whether there is in the female body inflammatory process, this would indicate an increased level of white blood cells.At gynecological examination palpable tenderness of the uterus, cervix and / or ovaries.The gynecologist also take vaginal swabs, which will help identify the pathogen.Smear and DNA (PCR) also shows in what state the bacteriological flora of the vagina.The woman sent for vaginal ultrasound.


treatment and medicines appoints only the doctor.When inflammation occurs in the acute form, there is fever, nausea, fever, muscle tension anterior abdominal wall, vomiting.When such symptoms the patient is usually directed to the gynecological clinic for patient treatment.

Subacute inflammation is treated as an outpatient.Before the doctor prescribe treatment sends a woman on the blood test.About inflammation says high levels of white blood cell

s, ovarian pain, and pain during the inspection of the cervix.It is also done analysis of the vaginal smear, PCR, vaginal probe ultrasound diagnosis.In severe cases, apply a laparoscopy - a surgical intervention.During operations in the anterior abdominal wall to make small cuts further into the pelvis introducing special instruments that allow surgeons to explore the uterus, fallopian tubes, epididymis.

treatment regimen selected only after the required research, in which the causative agent is detected.Adnexitis treated with antiviral drugs, antibiotics, physiotherapy and immunostimulants.Such a complex stop the development of the infection and relieve inflammation.

live sex while the woman is being treated adneksita not recommended, but if you can not abstain from sex, the partner should use a condom.

with women and men should be treated (sexual partner), because if a woman has been found to be infected, there is a risk of continuing inflammation and / or re-infection.

After gynecologist therapy to assess the efficacy of therapy takes a woman's vaginal smear control and other tests.

It is worth noting that 25% of women who have had an inflammation of the appendages, faced with recurrent adneksita.A possible cause of relapse can be detected before the infection, preservation of chronic inflammation, the development of dysbiosis vagina.

to prevent recurrent ovarian inflammation plays an important role the use of various alternative and non-traditional treatments - physical therapy, homeopathy, gynecological massage, mud therapy, manual therapy.

Prevention is not only a direct treatment of different methods, this cautious attitude to their own health - care should be taken to protect against infections, sexually transmitted infections, avoid strong overwork, have one sexual partner, to avoid hypothermia.

Folk remedies for the treatment of

appendages inflammation of the appendages can be treated with folk remedies and get good results.However, traditional remedies for inflammation of the appendages used better as an aid, not replace them proper treatment, which has appointed a gynecologist.

In this case, treatment of folk remedies removes only the accompanying symptoms of the disease.Having an infection can be eliminated only medication.

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