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Signs of female alcoholism

  • attraction to alcohol
  • Loss of control dose spirits
  • No vomiting
  • enhance immunity habits
  • regular drinking.

1st sign - attraction to alcohol

usually say - craving for alcohol.Those who often drink, denies the 1st sign, they say they drink to relieve fatigue during heavy stress, drink, all on holidays.There are many reasons, first drink with friends on the big holidays, then drink all alcoholics.Reasons are many - business trip, to relax, to advance, first salary, the end of the week, and so on.And gradually, the person can not without alcohol.

behavior changes, waiting for a drink, she cheers up considerably, animated, trying to quickly finish the job more quickly to drink.Friends alcoholics she thinks so.Often he arranges scandal if her husband accuses her of drunkenness.She was not convinced that alcohol is harmful to man.The majority of women who consume alcohol, do not consider themselves alcoholics.Family responsibilities, children, family, work becomes a burden, they interfere with he

r drinking.

2nd sign - loss of control over dose of spirits

This feature is present for alcoholism disease.The woman, an alcoholic does not stop at small doses of alcohol and can not limit the intake of alcohol.It promises to families that would not be drunk, but forgets his promises and quickly loses control.But as soon as she claims to "know your dose," when taken as glass, drunk immediately.

third feature - the absence of vomiting

When the human body receives the poison, then he has a reflex - vomiting.At first, the body tries to excrete the poison, and there is a defense mechanism, it protects, and thus acts.But more often drunk, the less of an alcoholic protective reflex, and soon cease altogether called.A woman can be drunk to death, but the vomiting she will not.And when the gag reflex disappears, then her diagnosis - alcoholism.

4th sign - increased resistance to alcohol

drinkers often boast that they can drink a half-liter or liter of vodka, but it is not.They think that it is said that this woman strong and the liver in good health.And the more she drinks alcohol, the more she needed him to come intoxication.If the dose is increased compared to the initial dose of 5 times, it indicates that domestic drinking passed in the initial stage of alcoholism.

5th sign - regular drinking

for the 1st stage of alcoholism - drink once a week, usually for other stages.In the first stage due to lack of money, the control of the relative slight interruptions.If a woman drinks alcohol regularly, then in her body goes through major changes.She had enough to drink alcohol for 5 years, to form a stable alcohol dependence.In addition, symptoms of alcoholism are of a rapid nature of that treatment of female alcoholism is complicated.

If you and your family members fall under at least one of these symptoms, you need to sound the alarm.According to doctors the United States, alcohol is considered a drug and is included in the 20 dangerous drugs, and ranked 5th.