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Features of woman alcoholism

known that female alcoholism is negative and for developing faster than that of men.The women quickly lost control over drinking alcohol and alcohol tolerance below.The severity of a hangover in men and women the same, but after a long time, women saved mood swings and depression.Women have different state of intoxication.At the initial stage of alcoholism they have a self-flagellation, tearful, depressed mood.The second stage of alcoholism lasts less than 5 years.Alcoholic psychosis in women called hallucination.

Because of alcohol abuse in women manifest social consequences.They rapidly declining moral, social face, intelligence.From alcoholism women shield psychological and biological barriers.When they are destroyed very quickly it takes moral decline.This is evident with respect to children.And this neglect unnatural maternal duties.

with alcohol changes the very nature of women.There is a growing hysteria, aggression, nervousness, fast-paced encephalopathy.After all, women can not fully understa

nd the disease and unable to give up alcohol.They appear excuses, in which they denied that they have a problem with alcohol, such as: "I can control drink", "Do not bother me," "I have a drinking all right."Then they make promises that they can do to stop drinking, code next month, each time, until recently tightened access to a doctor.

Women will manifest dependence on alcohol that does not mean that female alcoholism will lead to degradation of the individual.But for women with alcohol degradation it is not so simple, for women more difficult to return to normal life, to stop drinking.For women, the socialization process is delayed, because in our society the attitude toward women alcoholic is much worse than in alcoholic men.

chance to get rid of alcoholism in women as much as the men.And female and male alcoholism treated the same way - you need to give up alcohol completely and refocus their minds.To avoid major problems in the future, you need time to see a specialist.Modern medicine offers methods to combat alcoholism, they allow you to cope with alcohol dependence.Effectively, safely, quickly.And the prices of treatments available to all.

problem of female alcoholism is that women are very rarely turn to the expert in narcology.Women alcoholics are at great conviction and a woman trying to hide until the last alcohol dependence.Male alcoholics regret, help him deal with alcohol, but the woman has no support from the struggle with alcohol addiction.

But if a woman seeks help to Narcologist she successfully gets rid of alcohol addiction and begin to enjoy life.