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Consequences of woman alcoholism

consequences of alcoholism for women

Often, a woman said loudly, trying to attract attention, can go on shouting, waving his arms.If close people cease to notice it, do not pay her enough attention, then this fact is perceived as an insult, insult, disrespect for her personality.Appearance woman drinking rapidly changing and has irrevocably.

Female body in comparison with the male body more vulnerable to alcohol.By drinking alcoholic beverages have problems with nerves, personality changes, there are diseases of the reproductive system.Women who suffer from alcoholism, are often caught in psychiatric hospitals.

consequences of alcoholism in the appearance of a woman

As a result, drinking changes the appearance of a woman.Her face turns red, becomes swollen.On the skin appear bluish spots, the eyes become dull, lose their natural shine.Early hair turns gray.Teeth begin to crumble and darken.The skin begins to age forever.

consequences of alcohol on the internal organs

very strong impact of

alcohol on the internal organs.As a result, they suffer from kidney, liver, and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.Alcohol affects the endocrine and cardiovascular systems.In women inhibits the function of the thyroid gland, which leads to the fact that disrupt the synthesis of hormones.It appears excessive thinness or completeness.

consequences of alcohol on the nervous system

Taking alcohol changes the person's identity.After regular intake of alcoholic beverages among women are rapidly developing alcoholic psychosis.Alcohol on the nervous system is affected, which is expressed as follows: a woman becomes inadequate and hysterical, cursing, screaming at all, often crying.Alcohol makes women uncontrollable, cruel, violent man.They have a reduced response to what is happening to critical values.Therefore, drinking, women often get into accidents on the roads, are injured, and so on.

consequences of alcoholism to sexual matters

With regular use of alcohol among women may develop frigidity.Often these women are infertile because alcohol has toxic effects on the ovaries, and then regenerate the tissue of the body in fat tissue.In addition, alcohol contributes to mutations in the egg, which can lead to miscarriage or the birth of disabled children.

Women alcoholics suffer from inflammation of the urinary tract because they are often unconscious lying on the cold ground floor.If a woman is not treated, the disease can become chronic, can form various complications.Such cases happen, because women who drink during treatment can not give up drinking, making medication ineffective.If early treatment, it is possible to prevent female alcoholism.But

resulting heavy drinking alcoholic nephropathy develops, its main symptoms are the presence in the blood and urine of protein emergence facial edema, increased blood pressure.Without proper treatment of alcoholic nephropathy develops into a chronic form.As a result of each glass necrotizing renal tissue.Renal failure is then formed, which in most cases leads to death.