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How to organize the work of the intestine?

in the whole digestive system is around 7 kg consumption of food which is at different stages of assimilation and processing.Once the bowel begins to work badly, the body begins to vigorously remove toxins in other ways: through the skin, together with the secretions of the sebaceous glands and then, through the mucous membranes.Out of his mouth comes a very unpleasant smell, facial skin is covered with acne and / or becomes ash gray, deodorants can not cope with the sweat, the hair starts to fall out and / or shiny (it happens because of the fact that the bulbs are poisoned by waste that expels from the bodythrough the skin).The whole body suffers from chronic intoxication: headaches, worsening sleep, spoiled appetite, constantly felt weak and / or nausea, lost interest in the communication and entertainment, the work begins to tire.Therefore, it is important to organize the work of this body.

Establishment of the intestine - is a complex matter that requires strict observance of the rules of regular

and adequate nutrition.To the intestines working normally, you must:

  • To provide the body with enough fluid intake.On the day you need to drink 2.5 liters of beverages.Drink the liquid should be half an hour before meals or after meals.From soda is better to give, and coffee consumption reduced to a minimum.
  • Eat 3 times (optional).Adhere to better the following modes: 7: 00-9: 00 - breakfast;13: 00-15: 00 - dinner;17: 00-19: 00 - dinner.From baked goods is better to refuse, refuse to have and from snacking during the day.The diet must necessarily be fiber.Food should be taken in a relaxed atmosphere during the meal to talk, read and browse the TV is not recommended.You do not have a habit of eating breakfast?Start your day with vegetables or fruit.
  • morning (once awake) should drink a glass of water (warm), then you can drink coffee.Later, it is recommended to drink the juice (a glass) or eat some fruit.The breakfast will be 20 minutes.
  • water after meals is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 hours. Before dinner (for 20 minutes), you need to drink fruit juice or eat.Dine better cereal or vegetable dishes.
  • Before dinner (20 minutes) is recommended to eat fruit or drink juice.Dinner salad and protein foods (animal protein is permissible to replace vegetation).

If you fulfill these conditions, the normal work of the digestive tract for 5 days.In the presence of strong disturbances prophylaxis is recommended once a month.Carrying out such prevention, the transition to a healthy diet to happen easily.

role of fiber to improve bowel

for motor stimulation of the bowel tissue is needed.Plant fibers - is the body of helpers to eliminate toxins.They also clean the mucous membrane of the digestive system, thereby facilitating the lives of intestinal microflora.To the intestines working properly and not lazy, he was a day to about 35 grams of fiber, and it receives only 12-15 g, or even less.

Fiber is considered a carbohydrate only non-cleavable.Contained in vegetables, seeds, fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts.Once in the body it absorbs moisture, along with slag and fats, it absorbs everything, and then outputs.This speeds up the process of digestion, improves intestinal motility, cholesterol, and excess sugar output, are also displayed and fermentation products, food debris, rotting food.Typically, the organism is actively cleared, leading to weight loss.

Kefir and work intestine

to stimulate the bowel in the morning or at night you can drink a glass of buttermilk and vegetable oil (1 ch. L.).Kefir on the intestinal wall irritant, and the oil in turn stimulates bile flow, whereby the normal operation of the intestine is stimulated.