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Folk remedies against alcoholism

Treatment of folk remedies is based on 2 principles.The first principle: to cause an aversion to alcohol.When using folk remedies, they are combined with alcohol cause human discomfort, discomfort, nausea.The second principle - a suggestion, the psychological impact on the patient.

recipes that help to stop drinking

  • prepare a decoction of Hypericum, this 4 tbsp.l.herb St. John's wort pour ½ liters.of boiling water.Withstand 30 minutes in a water bath.The broth should be cool, then strain.Eat before eating in the morning twice a day.The treatment is two weeks.
  • lovage root pour boiling water and heated in a water bath.It means to take ½ cup a day for three weeks.
  • can take a kilo of crayfish, boil, cool and remove their armor.Shells grind to a powder obtained by means of adding the patient to eat.In making alcohol drinks, it means alcohol is disgusting, deteriorating health.

From ancient times, healers have recommended in the treatment of alcoholism:

  • There are a lot of fresh raspberries.
  • Eating fresh fruit and drink juice barberry barberry.
  • There are a lot of sour apples, eventually it will cause an aversion to alcohol.
  • drink a decoction of bearberry leaves 1 tbsp.spoon five times a day.
  • 1 hour. L.dry frayed leaf peppermint pour a glass of cold vodka.Infuse in a dry and dark place for one week.In a glass of cold water add 20 drops of tincture in one portion to drink drunk.
  • Drink infusion of laurel leaves and roots of lovage.To do this, take 2 bay leaf, 1 ch. L.rubbed dry lovage root, pour vodka 200m.insist 14 days in a dark place.And to drink a person suffering from alcoholism, then formed a feeling of disgust for alcohol.
  • alcohol before giving the patient to eat 5 nucleolar bitter almonds.
  • in a glass of vodka to put 4 green bug, you can dial the raspberries.Then the vodka acquires a foul smell, which have bedbugs.If the patient is suffering from alcoholism, drink a vodka, he has formed a strong aversion to alcohol.

great popularity from alcoholism are folk remedies.First of all, it is connected to the body, these tools are effective and harmless.They help restore internal organs of the human body and that such a person is not in good condition.But we must remember that healing is possible only when the patient is ready to quit drinking himself.And for that you need to feel the support of close patient and understanding in the organization of leisure without alcohol.

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