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What to do when you get burned with boiling water?

At home, you can get burned three classes: first, second and third.In the first case, erythema, and occasionally appear small bubbles.With second-degree burns occur large open blisters, which can not in any case be opened.In a third scenario, the deep tissue damage.

If the burn is second or third degree, as well as in the event of damage to more than ten per cent of the surface of the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe appropriate treatment.

First Aid

  • first thing to do - is to avoid panic.
  • Next, you need to remove clothing, which was boiling water or hot food.
  • If possible, the surface of the skin where there was a burn, it is necessary at a time (up to 20 minutes), put it in a container of cool water.The water should be just cool, not icy, or the victim may happen shock of sudden cooling.
  • If capacity is not present, the area of ​​skin to burn, you can substitute a jet of water from the tap, the water also should not be too cold and the cooling time should not exce
    ed 20 minutes.
  • cooling water can be carried out only if the skin is not damaged.
  • If the burn is small, then the damaged section can be applied bandages, which are pre-moisten with cold water.
  • to on-site burning or swelling is not formed, he was small in size, the limb should be positioned to burn in the raised position - you can put it on a blanket or pillow.
  • After all these actions should be applied drugs.Well suitable means such as olazol or panthenol.
  • To avoid becoming infected wounds, burn marks on the surface impose aseptic bandage.If sterile factory material is not available, you can use the pressed clean cotton cloth.
  • If no special medicine for the treatment of burns not, for as long as the patient is transported to a medical facility, the burn should just cover with a sterile bandage to the wound is not infected.

providing care, in any case, you can not use yogurt, sour cream, fats or oils, as they will only aggravate the situation by increasing the burn as a result of the patient's condition will only get worse.In addition, it increases the likelihood of complications and the appearance of rough scars.

Folk remedies for burns

There are many folk remedies designed to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling when you get burned.It uses the tools that almost everyone has at hand.Let us examine them in detail.

  • decoction of oak bark.To prepare the broth take shredded oak bark (40 g) and pour her a glass of boiling water.Next, boil on low heat for five to seven minutes, and then the broth is cooled and filtered through cheesecloth.The broth is well suited for the treatment of burns and creating widgets.
  • freshly grated potatoes.Several large potatoes should be washed, cleaned and cut into small grater.After this grated potato applied to the place of burning.If you get burned with boiling water, this method of assistance is the most common.
  • black or green tea.The advantage of this method is that these beverages have in each house, which makes it also very common.The tea must be brewed and cool to 13-15 degrees Celsius.Then ostuzhennoy welding should be watered burnt places, then burns must be tightly bandaged.The dressing also need abundant water the tea brewing.
  • also helps with burns hot water aloe, which thoroughly wetted and impregnated bandage the burned area.
  • Another way - the use of the usual cabbage.It is necessary to take the cabbage leaves and make a few hours in the burned area of ​​skin.
  • necessary to grate the carrots and put it in a gauze bandage, which can then be applied to the burned skin.