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Acupuncture: rapid weight loss

Acupuncture - a technique in which a needle is introduced under the skin, which contributes to the interaction between the human nervous system and other organs.Typically, when used disposable acupuncture thin and long needles that exclude any pain.They produce them from medical steel.

Acupuncture and Weight Loss: Is this method effective?

Losing weight with the help of acupuncture brings pain, if this method is carried out by experts.By the way, the choice of specialist - the most important thing in this case.The technique of acupuncture helps to quickly establish the metabolism and reduce appetite.It is hence, the term "rapid weight loss and acupuncture."But this technique does not cause weight loss.The process of weight loss is due to the establishment of all organs in humans.

The technique of acupuncture for weight loss

Among the techniques falevye release method that is to enhance bio-points located near the ear.During the procedure, a needle is inserted into a point that is responsible fo

r appetite, which causes a rapid reduction in body weight.

«Fly Golden Needle" - this method is similar to the previous one.There needles conducting manipulation, similar to the earrings for piercing.They are placed in the desired point is fixed and is removed after six months.Through this method, the effect is fixed for a long period.

As a rule, all methods of acupuncture for weight loss are aimed at reducing the impact on the area craving for food.Here are just count on the duration of this effect in the absence of a full diagnosis of the senseless.

Other methods include acupuncture needle insertion to the body in hot spots (eg, legs, abdomen).This session, depending on the patient's health and well being last from 30 to 60 minutes and involves multiple sessions.

Acupuncture for weight loss does not necessarily affect the points that are responsible for appetite.Good result gives a procedure in which the affected time points responsible for liver, kidney and digestive organs.Well coordinated work of these bodies helps to lose weight.Depending on the purpose and the patient's health, he picked up an individual program of acupuncture.

Acupuncture brings benefits not only as a component, but as a separate procedure, aimed at weight loss.But to get rid of excess weight a little acupuncture.Average food, exercise in the complex improves the results.

By the way, this procedure has a minimum of contraindications and not carries side effects, combined with other treatments.


Duration of acupuncture for weight loss is in the range of 10 to 15 sessions.Session lasts 40-45 minutes.At the time of the session the patient can relax and go to sleep.After the course the patient has not only decreased appetite, but also improves digestion, hormones, broken down body fat, lowered blood glucose levels.With acupuncture body weight per month is reduced by 5-7%.

main advantages of acupuncture

This procedure is the minimum number of contraindications, the patient's age does not matter, it excluded getting used to the procedure, and side effects are completely absent.The main advantage of acupuncture for weight loss is considered that this method is combined with other methods aimed at weight loss and body shaping.

Contraindications to acupuncture

Despite contraindications to the minimum, this procedure is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.And if the patient revealed malignancy, convulsions, chronic form of the disease in the stage of decompensation, feverish spasms, sudden exhaustion.

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