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Acupuncture Weight Loss

essence of this method consists in that the singular points, which are also called acupuncture, put the needle, activating them, thereby controlling hunger, stimulating the liver, digestive system, kidney, etc.In this method, a person lose weight by reducing appetite and restore the normal balance of the body.

in acupuncture distinguishes a variety of procedures, such as the technique Faleeva gold needle Mukhina, corporal acupuncture and others.Most often, they have a long exposure needles located on the body surface, the number of points for feedback and other parameters.

variety of methods of acupuncture

Faleeva method lies in the fact that acupuncture is performed in the ear, that is, only a single needle that is placed on the patient's ear.When the needle for a long period of time remains in place, usually from a few weeks to months.The application of this method is achieved an integrated therapeutic effect which is the normalization of the endocrine and autonomic nervous system, which in tu

rn leads to a return to normal operation of the internal organs and decreased feelings of hunger, i.e. when food will have a feeling of satiety, andappetite is significantly reduced.As a rule, after a short time, patients reported that they had disappeared swelling, decreased gastric volume, significantly increased performance and energy.However, be aware that using the procedure of acupuncture should be regularly treated to the treating specialist who will closely monitor all the changes that will occur in the body and, if necessary, will make the necessary adjustments to the treatment process.

Another similar method of acupuncture is different from the above in that the needle is not placed in the ear, and in the area of ​​the subcutaneous muscles of the legs or abdomen area to a depth to the feeling of light electric shock.Of course, it's healing sessions with this method the needle is not worn by the patient continuously.How long it will last one procedure, the expert determines, based on the feelings and reactions of the patient to perform any act.Most often it is the time interval from hour to hour and a half.Once the needle is delivered, it activates the stomach, which in turn affects the intestine and kidneys, which may help in the event that excess weight is caused by violation of the water metabolism in the body of the patient.Additionally, this method results in a rate of all carve function, reduces and removes swelling and stabilizes the operation of all important internal organs such as the gall bladder, liver, pancreas and others.

Golden Needle Fly

This method works as follows: in the zone corresponding to the body of saturation, a special needle is inserted, reminding externally unusual piercing.The period of wearing the needle can reach up to a year.

Acupuncture - is a large complex, which includes more than one medical procedure.This should not be forgotten.The correction weight also play a significant role as your willpower, consciousness, strength of desire and determination.It is up to them often depends on whether other measures effective.Of course, after a course of acupuncture specialist will recommend you the diet that suits you best, and if you listen to his advice, you will be able to maintain and fix the result for a long time, so as acupuncture - it's not magic or some kind of phenomenon, but realthe method for getting rid of excess weight and getting slim figure.

People who suffer from diabetes, acupuncture is not recommended because it can disrupt the production of insulin.