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Iron deficiency in humans

Look, you may know this picture here?Your child is somehow too pale, weak, eats without appetite, often ill SARS suffers headaches.He has no reason rises a few days keeps the temperature just above 37 °.Sometimes there is thinning of hair, dry skin.Mom appeals to many doctors, but the root of the evil they find.A blood test is normal, hemoglobin normal, say that a child is sick, you can not, but that is clearly not the case.Incidentally, the same symptoms can also occur in adults.

sometimes with similar problems seek medical people who are actively involved in sports, giving him a lot of time and effort.These people also find nothing but weakness and dizziness are repeated.All these signs may indicate skrytoprotekayuschey iron deficiency anemia.Importantly, the lack of iron can even be at a relatively normal hemoglobin.However, if such a person to investigate blood iron content, its performance did not exceed 10 moles per liter.About troubles raises questions as accelerated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentati

on rate) with an overall analysis of blood.

Hidden or latent iron deficiency occurs twice as often than the iron-deficiency anemia.That is why some people, especially children, appear pale, tired, frustrated, do not get out of colds.This is not surprising, because iron is part of hemoglobin, myoglobin, a number of important enzymes.Its scarcity in the serum leads to a loss of appetite, digestive disorders, immune to hypoxia syndrome incomplete development phagocytosis.Relatives worry, the doctor asked to appoint a "safe" biogenic stimulants such as ginseng or Eleutherococcus.However, the root of the problem - a lack of iron.

known that iron deficiency is seen in 50% of infants.After three years, recorded at 30%, but the rate increases during the hidden (latent) iron deficiency.If, moreover, your child has skin problems (eczema, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis), then concealed the lack of iron in the blood serum is very likely.Many iron is also lost in athletes during intense workouts.And at teenagers in period of rapid growth, when there is an intense alteration of an organism.

I think that mothers need to know that the minimum rate of hemoglobin in children - 110 g / l.The optimum level for children up to six years - 120 g / l after six - 130 g / l.If at this age ranges from 110 to 120 g / l, the state of latent iron deficiency is very likely.

Why is iron deficiency, even in infants?The problems lie in nutrition mother and the child nutrition.It is important for breastfeeding women not only to eat properly and fully, but also to take folic acid and iron.If bottle-fed baby body absorbs only 10% of the iron from his diet, and from breast milk - up to 50%.Often, after a year of impatient mothers begin to feed children with a common table.This is wrong, because a small amount of food can not contain the required amount of iron and other micronutrients.We recommend that parents, even after one and a half years of use special porridge for baby food, canned food and juices that are fortified with vitamins and minerals.In general, the question here is about the culture of food - often mothers prefer to buy a child a muffin, cake, candy, instead of fruits and vegetables.

lot of iron found in meat, buckwheat porridge, apples, persimmons, carrots, red vegetables.Unfortunately, the iron from plant foods is absorbed poorly.That's why iron deficiency without medication often can not do.However, it is important to know that there are rare cases of poisoning of children with iron.Hemosiderosis - a surplus of iron in the body - is treated extremely difficult.Well, if you give your child medication like iron Siropchik delicious, without measures, it could lead to a very sad end.

often anemia, decrease in hemoglobin in the blood are the first symptoms of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.In any case, if the child has weakness, irritability, frequent headaches, it should be tested for iron content in the blood serum.Even if the total hemoglobin in the normal range.This analysis can be done at any medical institution.When serious chronic diseases (eg, after pneumonia), when the child's body was tense, may develop iron deficiency anemia secondary redistribution.

In general up to 30% of the world population have an iron deficiency in varying degree, usually in a latent form.Sometimes it is necessary to look for the cause of chronic fatigue adult ailments or poor school performance.And if you add to the lack of iron iodine deficiency, it becomes quite clear why your child gets tired so quickly, falling asleep on the go.Urgent enrich its diet of sea cabbage, beets, fish, nuts!But even when a balanced diet is absorbed less than 2.5 mg iron per day.This means that we are constantly balancing on the verge of iron deficiency.Of course, a lack of iron in the human body, many diseases are possible.However, we repeat once more, iron supplements can be taken only after inspection and under the supervision of a doctor!The overabundance of iron is even more dangerous than the lack of it!Therefore, caring parents must bring the child to the doctor, and so he will do all the necessary tests and applications.