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How to lose weight in the winter without a diet and fitness

way to lose weight without dieting, can be used when the winter needs a little touch up your weight.Most people get better in the winter, for 1 or 1,5 kg.The essence of this diet is that a normal dinner is replaced by a glass of low-fat yogurt, then 2 hours later, closer to the sleep you need to drink another glass of kefir and eat a pear or apple.This hunger is not felt.In this diet, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea is consumed in its entirety, a cup of yogurt for dinner.A diet full, there are no restrictions.Within reasonable limits there - sweet, flour, fruit, vegetables, meat.

If within a week to adhere to this mode, it is possible without tedious calorie counting and all sorts of torment to lose 1 kg of weight.And what prevents you stick to this diet for a month to reach a serious problem, probably, this is a good diet.

large portions of a person simply overload your body.To work out the calories eaten and stay slim while, a person must be very active.A heavy loads wear out the body.What is the us

e of all this?Maybe better to eat moderately and thus move?

Never eat while reading a book or viewing TV programs.At the same time you send in your mechanical stomach food, then when your focus is not on it.You can just eat more of their rules.After a meal, it's an ancient ritual, and do not need to be confused with anything.

Holidays also impact on our figures, and at least half a centimeter in volume, many of us added.We should not delude ourselves if they say it's only water, the water will be there a half, and the rest is the same hated fat.How to lose weight and get rid of it?This will help our advice, as well, and your desire to lose weight.All this will make the legs to take up and begin work on yourself.

Down diet
important tips to lose weight, it is removed from their lives and hunger diet.On the Internet you can find recipes for different diets, is there mention of the fact that hunger and diet harmful to the body.

Firstly, they are harmful to those often diet diet is not balanced, and this will lead to tragic consequences.Secondly, we take a diet, not as a way of eating, but as some sort of a temporary phenomenon, which need to go through, and then go back to a normal diet.But it is impossible to go hungry for a few days, and then have everything, while remaining beautiful and graceful.The body, exhausted diet begins to rapidly gain the weight, so the diet and help for only a short time to lose weight.

best advice to lose weight is to develop the habit of eating right.When you eat right, the extra weight just goes away by itself.

On holidays, we do not eat, your stomach is empty during the day, while we gorge on the evening and night.But the enzymes work in the old way, with 7.00-15.00, they break down food, thus turning it into energy, and after 21.00, all received the body becomes fat.Therefore, nutritionists recommend not to turn the night into a tradition to fatten the stomach, and back to the normal rhythm of life.And if you want to eat something nutritious, sweet, fat, then it must be done before 15.00 or, in extreme cases, to 21.00.For the night the body must rest and not to work, digesting food.

Aesthetics meal.
Why do we go to restaurants and cafes?And all because the food is not only a physiological need, but also a way to make their lives more pleasant and beautiful.But at home, you can eat nicely. These tips will help lose weight.

- Get yourself a small bowl - let it be green or blue.There is a need more, but less to one meal is no more than 200 or 250 ml.If you eat, so you can reduce the amount of stomach and hunger pangs will not be so terrible.

- Rule one plate, no additives .

- for food must leave 20 minutes .Be aware that after 20 minutes, the brain receives a signal saturation, and you do not want to eat.But over the 20 minutes, you can eat as much as you need, and you can eat a lot.The question is how you'll have it all, slowly or rapidly, choking on large pieces.

- Serve. Even if you eat alone, draws its beautiful dishes.This will raise your spirits, and you just do not want to, that is horrible.

- Become a foodie. Feel the taste of the food, its aroma, enjoy every bite of food.How can chew food slowly.Nutritionists advise to do 30 chewing movements before you can swallow food.

You probably know that stress contributes to weight gain, so relax and lose weight by following these tips here.

- When cooking, the food should invest maximum positive energy.These are not empty actions, so we can bring the body of loved ones, as well as your body and tangible benefits.

- It is better not to eat when you have a bad mood, and you will pull "seize" the emotions, eat something harmful.And besides, when you eat in a bad mood, you are charging your bad mood food, and how to convey the mood of food.It will not give any benefit.

- watching TV is not worth eating.There will always show something spectacular, and the hand reaches for the high-calorie food and crispy.Or when you see something frightening, unpleasant, you want to settle down again and stuffing his mouth with something tasty.Approximately the same mechanism as you eat in front of monitor.During the meal, look at yourself - enjoying the moment to the fullest meal.

- During the meal, think about something pleasant.Namely, most of the food.Be the "now" and "here."Psychologists advise to fix their attention on the meal, it's time I eat, it is delicious.

Water and food
important role water plays for weight loss - it gives us strength, cleanses the body, speeds up metabolism.The day you should drink at least 2 liters of water, and better and more.To lose weight you need to drink no ordinary water, and ice water.Then the body to warm the water will have to spend calories.Scientists estimate if you drink daily 2 liters of ice water, so this month you will burn 2000 kcal.It is a lot, and you do not have anything.

need to drink between meals, but not immediately after a meal, the water will not dilute the gastric juice.The only thing that is necessary and possible to do it before a meal drink a glass of green tea.Some experts say that green tea is from a stunning effect, and give this advice to lose weight.Moderate drinking 3 hours before bedtime - this will help you to prevent swelling.

Buy food wisely
Plan ahead menu.Some get the hand to plan menus for the week ahead and purchase the products.They are not difficult to lose weight and maintain your weight.Make a list of foods that you need to buy, and this list go to the store.Thus, you get rid of excess calories and unnecessary spending.If you do not know what to buy, then follow the famous people that they eat.

for the product is better not to go to the supermarket, and in a normal store, on the market.It is proved that the abundance of goods, forced to buy something too much, and then it's too much to eat.Do not go hungry for food.Because the hand of a hungry man reaching for sweets and high-calorie, these products are most quickly satisfy hunger.If there is no time to eat, then have a drink, even water, it will help.

It really lose weight without fitness and diet, although this process will be very long.Forget about the fact that without exercise and diet to lose weight is not possible.And the duration of this process now depends on how much you want to lose a kilo.At the same time gradually lose weight naturally and the body will adapt to the new form.The result will be persistent, weight will not "ride" and stop at the same level.

first way - reducing food intake.Eat what you want, but at the same time reduce the number.How does it do?
1. Breakfast should be dense enough and without restrictions.What is eaten for breakfast and digested completely deposited in the fat.
2. with lunch need to do otherwise.If before the lunch consisted of a 3 course meal, now limit to one.It is enough to dish beef soup with homemade bread.You can choose to be a main dish, a salad and soup from the need to give.Then the main course can be anything your heart.Food is a high-calorie, but the portions should be small.
3. Dinner should be low in calories and low in volume.If you have not missed lunch and breakfast, it will be easy to do so.For dinner, you can not eat fatty meat dishes such as dumplings, rice, they can eat at lunch.Let dinner be boiled or scrambled eggs with a slice of bread, salad or cottage cheese, or a sandwich with tea.But not all together, but either - or.Later, you can eat the fruit, it will add you a feeling of fullness and fill in the stomach.

basic amount of calories you consume in the morning, when the body's metabolic processes occur quickly, and in the evening metabolism slows down, and you reduce the consumption of the same.All very logical.

Never skip breakfast and lunch, you can have a light snack.If during the day you eat normally, then in the afternoon will not be the sensation of hunger.It should limit the intake of alcohol, it stimulates the appetite.

If it's dinner time and you're not hungry, you still eat something symbolically.Just if you do not, you want to eat before going to bed.And this is not desirable.

Initially it will seem that you are hungry, will feel uncomfortable, but it will be felt first 7 or 10 days.The body is remarkable in that quickly reconfigured and getting used to everything.You will not be no more problems and you all will like it.The main thing is that it has become a habit, and after a few months you will see results.

can continue to go, the food you eat for lunch, you can reduce the size of servings.For example, a serving of dumplings.Take both hands and fold together a pot, it is now the size of your portions.And in fact, if a person is not engaged in physical labor, fitness is not an athlete, and this should be his portion.

Surely there are other ways how to lose weight in the winter without a diet and fitness.But whatever method you choose, you must make it a habit, and then you will succeed.The choice is yours.

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