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As home to humidify the dry air

Why humidify the air
dry air in the room "stretches" the moisture from available sources, as well as the surface of the skin.It seems that this is not a big trouble, because you can put your hands on moisturizer.Dry air affects our hair, they do not hold the hair become dry, your eyes become red and inflamed, feel good respiratory diseases, allergies.

One of the reasons of frequent acute respiratory viral infections in children, it is the dry air in the apartment.Every pediatrician can tell you that the humidified air in the apartment in infants, this is the simplest disease prevention bronchi.

If you have a lot of room in the apartment plant, you need to know how they need humidified air.Very sensitive plants can turn yellow, wither, when the air is dry in the apartment.So we seem to have understood that it is useful for family members, that the air in the apartment need to moisturize, now we will talk with you how to do it all.

The need to humidify
The shop offers a range of humidifiers for e

very budget and taste.If you are concerned about moisture in the apartment, then you need to find a model that will suit you.

What are moisturizers and that they represent a
Humidifier - a device that supports the desired indoor humidity level, it does not require any installation.Usually, set near the radiators.Inexpensive and simple models operate on the principle of conventional evaporation and in close proximity to humidify the air itself.The main thing is not to install humidifiers near appliances that humidity can be very hurt, near the wallpaper, do not use near appliances.

Steam humidifiers first heat water to steam, and fed it into the room.Also, these dampers can even be used for inhalation, and this is their advantage.The downside is that hot steam can be easily burned.These devices must be removed so that they are not accessible to children.

There are humidifiers that still perform the functions of air purification.They are called "cleaning the air" or "moisturizers, cleaners' fight bacteria and carry out water disinfection.There are climate systems, which can saturate the water with silver ions, can disinfect, cleanse and moisturize.As part of these complexes filter cartridges that need to be changed regularly.Their cost is much higher than the cost of conventional humidifiers.So at home you can create a certain humidity, respectively improve the microclimate in the apartment.

Due to the fact that the house will run a humidifier in the air will eliminate electrostatic charges, upholstery, carpets, your clothing will cease to "spark" and beat the current.

choosing a humidifier in an apartment, you need to pay attention to the size of room for which it is designed, and the noise level, this is especially true when choosing a device for a bedroom.

Grandma means for humidifying the air in the apartment
If you can not or do not want to buy a humidifier, you can get help from the funds, which was used when such words as "moisturizer" does not exist.A basin of water in the corners, wet towels battery, these simple ways you can moisten the air in an apartment if it is small in size.If you
basins do not inspire, then fit the style of your interior some decorative container or beautiful vase in which you can pour water.

How moisten the dry air in the home, we now know.And also often need to ventilate the room and do wet cleaning house.For small spaces, you can buy decorative fountains.Simultaneously they decorate the interior and help to humidify the air.

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