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Computer diagnostics of hair

Each disease to some extent disturbed mineral metabolism, and the chemical elements that exist in the body, most of all in the hair.Therefore, their study informative than urine and blood samples.The serum can not determine the elements 6-8.A hair - 20-30: potassium, aluminum, boron, copper, iron and many others.They all belong to the category of micronutrients - substances contained in food and the body in small amounts.But their value is priceless!They are part of vitamins, hormones, protein complexes, direct metabolic processes - largely determine the functioning of the organism.If some element is missing, the biochemical reactions in cells are broken, and we are starting to get sick.When studying the elements locks deficit found in 40-77% of cases.But in 10-50% of patients, especially in metropolitan areas, are still an excess of toxic compounds.This lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel.Computer diagnostics of hair will tell you how to protect them from the body.

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hair like no other fabric, reflect the processes occurring in the body for years.Their analysis provides comprehensive information about chronic illnesses and hidden disorders, previous illness.So, identifying a lack of iron in your hair, you can prevent iron deficiency anemia.And to improve the condition of the skin, nervous system and to support the immune system can compensate for the lack of zinc.Even a small deficit provoke skin allergies and worsen the condition of hair.Violated and vision, upset the work of the pancreas.The result - poor digestion and diabetes.Not a copper?The strands are discolored, bad lies tan skin is covered with white spots (vitiligo).No wonder - the copper is responsible for the synthesis of the coloring pigment melanin, but also its lack of breaks hematopoiesis.Each person has a unique set of chemical elements.The task of the doctor - to analyze their composition, cause biochemical picture to normal.When it works, not just me being, but also improves the data.

Important advantages of computer diagnostics of hair - comfort and safety.All that is needed for analysis - half tablespoon of hair length 3-4 cm. They can be stored as you like, so that after treatment compared spectrograms and ensure: a balance of elements restored!Spectral analysis of strands produces computer, it also provides a printout of the data on deviations and individual recommendations for the correction.In a special way to correct for color, because most women "is not" natural hair color.The recommendations relate to nutrition and vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies.If you care about your health, at least once a year, check your portrait elementary and adjust it.

Poisonous hairstyle

Hair analysis recorded an excess of lead?Attention - bone in danger!Hence, low back pain, osteoporosis, excessive sweating, the deterioration of teeth, loss of hair on the back of the head, bending the legs and appearance of nodules of bone on the ribs and wrists.The latter suggests rickets, which occurs in adults only when lead intoxication. your actions: Lead enters the body with the exhaust gases.If you drive at peak hours, set the closed system of air conditioning.The apartment windows overlook the freeway?Solving the problem - windows and home air conditioning.

into strands - excess of cadmium?Check kidney!Cadmium - zinc biochemical enemy.It displaces it from the body, damaging the nervous and urinary systems. your actions: Do not smoke!Cadmium enters the body with the smoke.

lot of aluminum, but little zinc, magnesium, and potassium?Risk being left without hair, not only color, but also on the face (eyebrows and eyelashes). your actions: Avoid dishes made of aluminum.It is especially dangerous to store cooked food in it - it oxidizes the metal and its salt accumulates.

Diagnosis hair

noticeably thinned hair, heavily flogged and hair fall out?This can happen for several reasons.

Reason number 1: culprit - stress.It reduces the production of hormones that are essential for hair growth and a narrowing of blood vessels that nourish the hair follicles.The result is lengthening the resting phase of the hair follicles, during which they rest (after the rate of hair loss - 3-4 months).Also there is a reduction of the growth phase (usually about 4 years old).Hair starts to fall earlier than expected.A new take their place not in a hurry - a thick ponytail reincarnated in a mouse tail. your actions : Learn to shoot tension using aromatherapy sessions, muscular load, meditating.Your hair becomes thick and the volume again.

Reason number 2: Because of endocrine disorders.Most hair problems begin immediately after abortion or childbirth, when the balance is broken in the blood of male and female hormones.It affects very negatively on the hair follicles. your actions : Do not panic!Everything is gradually returning to normal and accelerated hair loss will stop by itself.If the changes are for the better not come in 2-3 months, surveyed at the endocrinologist and turn blood sugar.Hair loss is perhaps the first sign of diabetes, which interferes in the small capillaries of the blood microcirculation.

Reason number 3: 's all about the chronic constipation.If the bowels lazy to carry out its work, the body gets rid of hard in other ways from the slag, in particular through the sebaceous glands.Hair "fatty" and begin to fall, because the bulbs poisons through the skin excess output end products of metabolism. your actions : eat more fiber-rich vegetables (cabbage, carrots, apples), drink every day at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid, be physically active.If these measures do not help, adjust the bowels with the help of highly effective laxative.

Reason number 4: Cervical osteochondrosis.This disease is characterized by the crunch when you turn the head, discomfort in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and neck, dizziness, headache.Between the vertebrae osteochondrosis podtochennaya infringed nerve roots.Disturbed regulation of vascular tone that nourish hair follicles.As a result hair begins to thin. your actions : Massage periodically back of the shoulder and neck, with a special focus on pain points.Put them after the procedure Vietnamese balm "Golden Star".Becoming a shower, brush collar zone oil extract of herbs (such as balm Karavaeva), wait a couple of minutes, and then acting on it hard hot jets of hot tips.

actively thinning hair on the head, especially in the temples, and, in contrast, are growing rapidly in the legs, arms, and upper lip?

This happens when a female hormones are not all right, such as cysts in the ovaries.The first sign of rheumatism or gout may be active baldness. your actions : Take a comprehensive examination by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, rheumatologist and therapist.

suddenly turned gray hair?

Check with your physician pancreas and heart.Check with the endocrinologist, your thyroid gland in order and if you have any hormonal dysfunctions. your actions : There should be no factors that contribute to early graying: fatigue, stress reactions, addicted to acidic foods, excessive salt intake.

hair lightened?

often due to iron deficiency hair loses shine and pigment melanin, stained a dark color.This problem affects in a different form, eight out of 10 women.The reason - lack of exercise, insufficient in the diet of meat, plentiful monthly.The whole body, in this case, including the hair follicles, is not getting enough oxygen.Suffer from this shell and the hair shaft. your actions : It is a blood test on the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin level.If their will is not enough, will receive under the supervision of a physician iron preparations.They washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice, which enhances the absorption of trace element iron.

darker strands?

If earlier had hair blond and suddenly begin to darken, attention should be paid to the gallbladder and liver.When a gall bladder is filled with stones and liver bile flow to the intestine is difficult, colorants contained in the bile, enter the bloodstream.They spread to the hair follicles accumulate in the hair. your actions : ice cream should be discarded, fizzy drinks and fatty foods: These foods contribute to the formation of stones.Addressed this advice primarily pyshnotelye blondes, who are prone to gallstones.

Determine your type

Scientists have found evidence of the facts on which any hairstylist knows from personal experience: the state and the type of hair depends on the type of appearance.Determine your style and take on arms tips on caring for hair.

type number 1

Figure - stout, full-bodied, with well-developed muscles, a pretty broad shoulders and chest, severe enough waist.Limbs - full legs, strong ankles, knees massive.Height - average.The face - high cheekbones, bright color due to increased activity of the cardiovascular system.

In the problem: due to increased blood circulation in the capillaries of the scalp is easy to overheat, salitsya and sweats.It is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in pH, temperature, allergens, so the hair follicles are very vulnerable.

What: Use hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners, balm and conditioner.Wash your hair every other day: the skin becomes not so sensitive, strands - less fat.The fact that the upper layer of the skin underneath the hair is composed of dead skin cells.It actively multiply microscopic fungi and harmful microbes.They produce endotoxins that cause dandruff, increase susceptibility to allergies and poison the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.Limit meat, fat, sharp, high-calorie meals and all that stimulates digestion.Food should be balanced and not burdensome for the waist.Excess weight causes the endocrine imbalance and upsets the metabolic processes, deteriorating condition of the hair.

type №2

Figure - stocky, squat is called a "big bones", with a short neck, a magnificent bust, and full hips.Limbs - complete, not too long.Height - short.His face - round, crescent-shaped, with a pale, very sensitive to the sun skin, soft lips dim.

In the problem: slow metabolism, including the cellular level.Inactive circulation, predisposition to be overweight, constipation, bile stasis.And as a consequence, "slagging" of the whole body is very adversely affect the hair follicles and inhibit the growth of the strands.Among this type of women especially many blondes with thin and sensitive dry hair.

What: takes complex vitamins and supplements with iodine.Iodine activates the thyroid gland is too sluggish, speeds up the metabolism and causes fat to burn.It favorably affects the hair.

type №3

figure - like a top model: thin, angular, narrow shoulders and hips, waist unexpressed, small breasts.Limbs - long, thin.Height - high.Face - triangular, colorless, with flaccid skin dry.

In the problem: accelerated metabolism depletes the resources of the body: after 30 years of skin and hair condition is deteriorating.This is due to a genetically programmed premature aging of connective tissue.Due to the reduction of the biosynthesis of proteins - collagen and elastin - the skin becomes flabby, thin, prone to wrinkles.A hair - dull, dry, brittle and hard fall.

What: Long before the first signs of wilting spending regenerating, stimulating and invigorating cosmetic treatments for hair, face and body.Optionally, go to the salon.The women of your type are susceptible to the new.After reviewing all the instructions, you'll just follow the intended course.To feed the hair follicles and strengthen strands periodically make a poultice of yogurt (kefir, yogurt).Restore shine and silkiness with a mixture of honey, burdock oil and onion juice (a teaspoon).Warm agent apply with a cotton ball or gauze pad to the hair roots.Then massage your scalp with fingertips, put cellophane cap, tie a towel, wait an hour and wash your head.Keep in mind that your hair does not tolerate alcohol-containing cosmetics.The compositions of care must include vitamins A and D , vegetable oil.

type №4

Figure - feminine, harmoniously built, with beautiful breasts and a small waist.Limbs - proportional.Height - average or slightly above.The face - oval, with oily yellowish-olive skin.

In the problem: weak point - the liver and digestive system.Under stress, fatigue, and after a heavy meal of their work upset and deteriorates the condition of hair.High level secretion of hormones increases the activity of the sebaceous glands.The hair becomes greasy and covered with dandruff.Especially if you use too mild shampoo that does not remove the dead cells from the surface of the head.

What: not abused stimulants: coffee, alcohol, spices.Because of them salyatsya hair look unkempt.Twice a month, means intensive use of hair care products.Especially if you frequently use heat styling and nail.The woman is not your type stand up for the price if convinced of the effectiveness of drugs.But do not forget about home recipes - they are easy, but operate smoothly.Strengthen the roots of strong tea.With a cotton swab, apply at night to the hair at the roots of freshly brewed tea.Strands of brown-haired women gain from this still a nice brown color.Brew nettle, chamomile, lime blossom - beautiful natural conditioners.

Through computer diagnostics of hair can determine the problem of the whole organism, and to take preventive measures in advance.Early diagnosis - the key to the treatment of many diseases.