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What to do in case of acute sore throat

bacteria may be present in the body (mainly in the throat and nasal mucosa) for several months without any signs of disease.But if you just wear a infection, this does not mean that you can not pass it on to others.Yes, and you yourself can get sick at any time.One need only your immune system a little loose - bacteria immediately go on the offensive.And the first on their activities will respond your throat.In such a situation, when the body is weakened by stress, fatigue, lack of vitamins, part of the immune system to fight viral or bacterial infection is minimal.The bacteria are activated and appear so familiar symptoms.The condition is very unpleasant, but it is easily treatable today - with the help of the older generation of antibiotics, such as penicillin and erythromycin (at least in many cases).But do not start to drink antibiotics without consulting a doctor!It ozhzhet be useless or even dangerous!

What we do in acute sore throat is usually?Put yourself diagnosed "angina" and begin to drink t

ea with lemon and take antiseptic pills.The trouble is that the initial symptoms of colds and flu, people often confuse.At the same time it is a disease with a completely different nature.Influenza - a viral disease, and a cold or sore throat - bacterial origin.Accordingly, the treatment should be different.Cold (more frequent) develops within a few days in the absence of complications, moving gradually passes through week.Unlike simple discomfort with the bacterial infection to be held themselves, sore throat during the flu should be treated with antibiotics.The problem should not be overlooked.If the throat is not treated, it can quickly lead to an aggravation of the situation and the serious illnesses such as bronchitis, laryngitis, and even jade (which can damage the kidneys).Each of these conditions can be fatal.

Symptoms of bacterial infection

Typical symptoms of a sore throat due to bacterial infection are:
• difficulty in swallowing;
• headache;
• high (sometimes over 40 degrees) temperature;
• redness at the back of the throat;
• White polyps on the tonsils;
• swollen glands in the neck;
• rash;
• absence of cough, fever or other symptoms associated with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Although the most common cause of strep infection for acute sore throat may be responsible, and some other types of bacteria.For example, Staphylococcus aureus and Haemophilus influenzae.Stress, fatigue and commitment of the immune system to a variety of viral infections weaken the body's defenses and thereby increase the risk of bacterial infection of the throat.As in other similar conditions, it is typical in the cold winter months.Any disease of the throat can not be overlooked without proper attention and appropriate treatment, because it is very contagious!

treatment of acute pain in the throat

In the past, to make a correct diagnosis of the nature of bacterial sore throat, needed to wait for test results for at least 48 hours.Only in this way it was possible to clarify the question of the possible presence of bacteria.Therefore, there have been serious delays in the appointment of treatment.Today, there are rapid tests that provide results within 15 minutes.A positive indicator - the diagnosis is confirmed.It is very important at the initial stage is to deny (or confirm) the presence of bacteria.

main advantage of rapid test is that, to confirm the diagnosis, antibiotic treatment can begin immediately.It is very effective and fast to overcome the situation.Typically, a 10-day treatment with standard doses of penicillin (or another antibiotic) is sufficient.This shortens the period of discomfort and minimizes the risk of possible complications.Within 24-36 hours after the start of treatment the symptoms begin to subside.

Experts recommend starting treatment with different pills or sprays that relieve pain and ease the situation immediately before you feel the effects of antibiotics.One does not contradict, but you will be much more comfortable.

People often stop taking antibiotics, just feeling the first signs of improvement.This is absolutely wrong!On one hand this may lead to resistance to the disease and its return, and the other - cause delays start time complications, which may even be life threatening.Antibiotics always have a prolonged effect.That is, they begin to "work" only after some time.And stop taking them in the middle of treatment - very wrong!

How to prevent sore throat

best way to cope with the disease - to prevent its occurrence.It is necessary to constantly monitor your immunity and keep it in critical periods.The most difficult of them - the seasonal periods of high stress, a condition after an illness, pregnancy.You must take all protective measures to boost your immune system.

easiest way - hand-washing.The more - the better.So you will destroy a significant part of the agents of infection.Since bacteria can be transmitted through sneezing, coughing, shaking hands, touching objects - regular washing with warm water and soap is an excellent preventive measure.

should immediately consult a doctor if a sore throat accompanied by fever.It's almost a sure sign of a bacterial infection, which is the reason to start treatment immediately.Do not do anything with a sharp pain in my throat before an accurate diagnosis is put.

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